How To Cut Your Baby's Nails

How To Cut Your Baby’s Nails

A newborn baby needs to have short nails otherwise chances are high that your baby will scratch his or her face. Cutting your newborn baby’s nails can be daunting, so here is a video showing you how to go about it.

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  1. This was the terrify part of having a baby ooohhhhh my nails cut…i didnt have a example like this video had to figure out what works for me and baba i had a small cut on his thumb as the nails is so small i could not see nice but only once omw my mom say my heart was more sore then his little finger i felt so bad.

    • Eekk I know right? I just could not do it. This is one of the things that I forced my hubby to do and he was a rock star 🙂 He took such a long time to do each nail and he was so gentle and dedicated to the task. I must say that I love my husband so much more when I see the type of father he is.

  2. Kendalls dad cuts her nails she says daddy making me eina

  3. So ive been cutting my boys nails at night when his alseep but i found sitting outside on the chair with him on my lap is the way to go he stare at the wind blowing the trees and the dogs outside and birds he totally love being outside so he doesnt even notice what mommy is doing.

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