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To My Mom: 10 Things I Want You to Know

To My Mom

To My Mom, Mother’s Day is coming up in a month and here are some things I want you to know.

1 I’m sorry for hurting you and not understanding your love.

My teenage years were rocky to say the least. For a long time I thought you were out to get me and you were punishing me. I can now see that everything you did, you did with love and care. I couldn’t see it then. I said some horrible things and I want you to know I am sorry for hurting you.

2 Thank you for all the meals you made.

Making good, healthy meals every night for my family is becoming a bit of a drag. I dread the question “What’s for Supper?”. Thank you for all the effort you put in. I might not have appreciated it fully while living at home, but I can now say job well done mom.

3 Thank you for choosing to be a SAHM.

Being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) could not have been easy. Thank you for making that choice. I was very lucky to have a mom that was always there. Thank you for all the lifts to school, sports and play dates. Thank you for packing my lunch every day, washing all my clothes and all those small things daily that add up to take up your whole day.

4 Thank you for being a present mom.

There is a huge difference between being home and being present. You gave me everything you had. I have never had to fight to get attention from you or wonder where you were. You were always just there and I took that for granted.

5 Thank you for being my biggest supporter.

No matter what I have done you have always supported me, be it good or bad. As a recovering alcoholic and addict it must have been terribly hard. I could not have walked my path of recovery without you. It makes me stronger knowing you believe in me.

6 Thank you for making me sit at the table with you for supper every night.

There were times I hated it and I thought it was a stupid rule. I now have my own little family and we eat at the table together every night. It is the one time every day that we always come together as a family. They might think it is stupid, but it is our rule and I won’t budge.

7 Thank you for showing me what a strong marriage is.

Most of my friends parents are divorced, or unhappily married. There are only a handful of people I know still happily married. Thank you for working hard on your marriage. I remember when I was a teenager in a rocky relationship. I told you I wanted an easy, happy marriage like you and dad. You laughed your head off and replied that you were working on your marriage harder than ever before. That taught me something. I can certainly understand now that every relationship is hard work and I must always work on my marriage. Being happily married is a choice that you make every day.

8 Thank you for your patience.

Looking back I always thought you didn’t have much patience. You were always nagging or harping on about something. Now that I have 2 children my perception has changed completely. You were patient and you put a lot of time and effort into teaching me how to behave. I just wasn’t listening which is why you had to nag and complain!

9 You were right! Where does the toilet paper go?

I remember so clearly all through my childhood you moaning about the toilet paper and asking why it went so fast. I get it now, I don’t know what happens to my toilet paper! I used to buy a 4 pack a month when I was living alone. Now an 18 pack doesn’t last a week. I can’t understand where it goes and my family hear me asking that question all the time now.

10 The Perfect Mom.

Yes there is no perfect mom out there, but you come pretty close. Yes you made mistakes and I am sure you blame yourself for a lot of things. Please don’t. You are my role model for the perfect mom. I look up to you and I am trying my best to be the same type of mom for my children.

Those are some of the things I need to share with my mom. What do you need to share with your mom?

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