Al Muthakkir: The Reminder

Al Muthakkir is Arabic for The Reminder.

This a non-profit organisation founded by Nazeem Sonday. I met Nazeem on Facebook a long time ago and only recently became aware of his involvement in the community. He hopes to empower the youth and assist them to reach their full potential.

His focus is on educating the youth and bringing them together in an environment where they feel a sense of community. Having few resources this is not a very easy and most people would be daunted! Chatting to Nazeem recently I could feel his passion and devotion to helping the young people in our community.

In 2012 he registered Al Muthakkir as an NPO (reg no 2012/206049/08) and is hoping to set up an internet facility in his home for young people where they can hold study groups and they can have internet access without having to travel too far. In the long term he also hopes to set up a feeding scheme. He said when he was in school he remembers so many children coming to school and struggling to cope on an empty stomach, hence the name of The Reminder.

Nazeem is based in Seawinds, Muizenberg in Cape Town. If anyone is interested in getting involved with helping our community feel free to contact him.

Al Muthakkir is in desperate need of anything that can be used to assist the kids with their studies. Anything you can spare that we take for granted will be appreciated. Stationery, old desks, chairs, computer equipment and paper will be well used.

On Freedom Day (27 April) Al Muthakkir is holding a fun day for the youth which will focus around around activities such as board games and soccer. If you can sponsor anything for this day please contact Nazeem. Chips, cooldrinks and party packets would be very much appreciated!

It is expected that about 200 youths in the area will be there, feel free to join in the fun! Everyone will gather at Nazeem’s house before heading to the fields for some good, clean fun.

Nazeem Sonday
078 087 4317

Al Muthakkir: Remember that today’s youth are tomorrow’s future and not everyone is as fortunate as us. A small donation will go a very long way.

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  1. I hope that all your dreams come true and that there will be lots of help that comes forward .

    • Thank you Melissa. I hope too and I hope that you can contribute more by incourage us more. Is people like you that drive people like me to do more.

  2. Great initiative – first I have heard of them.
    Will spread the word

    • Hi Noori. We started with ths Organization this year. We hope n pray that we get the surport from people like you. We need all the resources we can get to help those in need n those who reach out for help.

  3. Well done Nazeem! Every bit counts and thank you for caring.

    • Thank you Denice. Remind and reach out is everyones duty. As a person that dnt have kids of my own this is what I can give back to my community

  4. Best of luck with event Nazeem and well done!

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