Self confidence activities for children

Self Confidence Activities For Children

Ensuring that your child has good self confidence is very important. For your kid to do well in life, it is critical that he/she believes in himself/herself from an early age. You do not want your kid to feel inferior or inclined to worry too much about his/her inabilities rather than abilities. You need your child to acquire selfconfidence so as to be able to face what life brings along with courage and pluck.

If your child seems to be unsure of himself/herself, or looks as if he/she feels inferior to others, you need to take action immediately. There are practical ways how you can help him/her avoid this predisposition.

Self-Confidence Activities For Kids

Most likely your child has a particular trait which will help him/her to excel or do well at something. For instance, if he/she is very creative, it may be a good idea to enroll him/her for art classes. If he/she has a lot of energy, encourage to choose a sports discipline and take him/her to classes for such sport. Extracurricular activities can go a long way in helping kids acquire self confidence as they will feel that they have a forte in that area. So focus on finding their hidden talent/s and you will surely notice a significant boost in their self confidence.

To improve your child’s self-confidence it is also a good idea to encourage him/her to talk and interact with others, including kids with his/her interests. Being a part of a team or group greatly helps in developing a sense of belonging in kids, and it improves self confidence as a result.

Encourage your kids to make choices, rather than making all of their decisions for them. It is also highly recommended to have them help around the house from an early age as this will help them to feel useful, while enabling them to acquire more competence and realizing that their help can make a difference.

You could also go on a hike or camping experience with your child. During such an outing you should encourage him/her to pack his/her bag, set up the camp, and help out in various ways so as to make the trip or activity successful. It is also a good idea to have your kid help in organizing events such as a party, or if it is safe, ask him/her to go for an errand for you, such as shopping at a nearby shop. Obviously these will depend on the child’s age. The key is to have the child feel competent and able.

Last but not least – do not be overprotective as this could impede their acquiring a good level of self confidence and self esteem. Allow your child to take risks, as long as it is healthy and safe.

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  1. My son is very active around people he knows but around strangers he became discharge and distance himself.

  2. im not sure how i will be able to not be so over protective maybe it will change as he gets older im so over protective it mighy have a influance on his self confidence….

  3. My son is also active and helpful sometimes,he always helps me with the utensils,immediately wen we done eating we take plates to the kitchen so together we work as a team.?

  4. Reatlegile Leeuw

    my daughter she is very active and very confident that make me very proud of her. she is very young but she is thinking beyond. she always says mommy when i grow up ill be able to wash dishes and bath myself. she is looking forward to that

  5. My daughter is very active and friendly loves sport but I havent enrolled her into anything…. I always felt like it would be to much with school but This article is very eye opening

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