5 Great birthday gift ideas for your daughter

5 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Daughter

When kids begin to get imaginative, it can often be tough to find the perfect birthday gift, and with new trends and products taking markets by storm, it certainly makes the task no easier.

There are certain products out there that are reliable, most likely on the wish list, that won’t result in you having any ponies, penguins. or lion cubs in your house… hopefully. Here are some birthday gift ideas that have a good chance of going down well.

5 Great Birthday Gift ideas for Your Daughter

Doll Prams

Doll’s prams are possibly one of the more reliable choices and they’re a great way to imitate a role model, which is a winning combination.

Able to accompany a large amount of dolls, accessories, and be paired with other types of toys, it adds to a large potential collection. There are countless designs and hours of play in store, and higher quality prams make for bespoke collectors’ items.

We asked Play Like Mum, the company launching the brand new range of Silver Cross dolls prams for more on why they’re such a good choice and they said: “Doll prams have been popular since Victorian times and can be brilliant for young ones to imitate their parents, which is fantastic for development.”


An essential skill for life is to be able to ride a bike, and starting earlier will assure that your young ones are set up for life. There are many sizes, different pedal/wheel options, or even training balance bikes without pedals.

Bike riding will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment, and give a good opportunity for family bonding. Bike riding is growing in popularity, and in a time when exercise and health is all the rage, this skill can enable a whole family to enjoy it together.

Doll House

Popular with children for hundreds of years, doll houses have been absolute must-haves at some point, and there are so many potential options that there is something for everybody.

These go very well with other toys and last a long time, both durability-wise and regarding age-relevance.

Many adults nowadays still have fond memories of playing with their dolls houses, and it can be wonderful to share experiences, one generation at a time.


More modern than other ideas in this list, but there are multiple educational benefits to having a child-friendly tablet.

They can help teach basic and complex subjects, as well as improve upon digital skills, and help set your child up for a good technological understanding for use in a rapidly evolving digital age.

There are many setups for tablets that make them fully safe with good parental control, so you can control what your children do and don’t see. Make sure to check out this article on TechAdvisor about which tablets are best for kids in 2017.


Another great skill for a child to learn is to play an instrument, and at the age where creativity and development is key, learning to play an instrument helps them progress and sets them up with a lifetime skill and hobby.

There are multiple ways companies can make instruments more accessible for children, whether it’s a smaller size, a toy version, or a very basic version, there is a whole range of ways to get your child involved. Look at Knock on Wood here for a look into children’s instruments.

What would you buy your daughter? What ideas could you share? Make sure to tell us what you think, and how you avoided buying half a zoo at their request.

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  1. Unfortunately I have no daughter but I will be using those ideas for my sisters daughter.

  2. i dont have a little girl to spoil with these awesome gifts but i do have my brothers little girl that i can spoil but she is so spoiled turning 4 have or had all the above but not a tablet so i think thats a option.

  3. Wow cool staff,i will definetly will spoil my daughter she would love one of this good gifts thanks for the advice?that awesome.

  4. Reatlegile Leeuw

    wow cool stuff, my daughter’s birthday its in july

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