Second Trimester

Second Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

Congratulations for reaching the second trimester in your pregnancy. We know the first trimester can be a challenge since your body is going through various changes and most moms experience symptoms of extreme fatigue, morning sickness, loss of appetite, and hormonal fluctuations. In this article, we will be sharing our useful second trimester pregnancy checklist to guide you through the process of preparing for your little one’s arrival.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

Second trimester pregnancy checklist

Familiarizing yourself with prenatal tests and appointments for second trimester

During this trimester you will most probably see your physician or gynaecologist every four weeks, unless you have a high-risk pregnancy, or experience certain complications that call for more regular check-ups. Usually you will have blood tests which are necessary for checking for gestational diabetes and glucose screening.

You will also undergo amniocentesis testing to check for down syndrome or other chromosomal defects, neural tube abnormalities, or genetic disorders.

This is also the time when you will be able to view your baby for the first time with an ultrasound.

Start thinking about whether you will be enlisting the assistance of a doula (labour coach)

Many moms opt for the services of a doula to assist them through labour and delivering their babies. A doula typically offers emotional support and other non-medical facets linked to your care. If you are considering using a doula, its wise to start searching for one during the second trimester.

Start looking through baby name lists

Moms usually already have a list of baby names they prefer. Now is the time to start making up a short list and consult with your partner about his preferences. Narrow it down to about ten names and eliminate the ones you like less. Keep going until you have agreed on names you both love.

Spend some alone-time together

Soon your days will be comprised of nappy changes, feeds, sleep deprivation, and all other things relating to having a new-born. Take advantage of this time before baby arrives to spend some quality alone-time together. Watch a movie, have a romantic dinner, or go for a relaxing picnic at the botanical gardens. Once you have a baby, you will have certain time restrictions and limitations as to where you can go. 

Girl or boy baby

Consider if you want to know the sex of your baby

Many parents want to know the sex of their baby to plan better while other prefer to keep it as a surprise. 

Useful tip: If you opt for keeping your little one’s sex a secret, be sure to let your physician know in advance, so that they don’t blurt it out unexpectedly while looking at your test results.

There are also some fun ways to try and predict the gender of your baby, so if you are feeling adventurous try some of them out before your scan. You can also consider having a gender reveal party which is all the rage lately. 

Start doing financial budgeting

Every parent will tell you that having children does not come cheap and you have to be sufficiently prepared for it financially. After all, you want to give your children the best within your means. Apart from normal expenses like buying baby essentials and equipment, there are other financial responsibilities to factor in.

These are things like drawing up your will, purchasing life and disability insurance and health insurance, setting up a college fund or savings account to give your child some form of security when they enter the real world. And while you are at it, make some provision for out-of-pocket expenses in your budget too.

Scribble down some of your outlandish pregnancy dreams

It is no secret that many women experience strange dreams and that their dream world takes on a completely different form. This is partly due to interference in your dream cycle because you wake up for bathroom breaks, coping with heartburn, restless legs, backache, leg cramps, the list goes on.

Did you know that waking up during REM sleep makes it easier to remember your dreams? You might enjoy looking back at some point and read about the crazy dreams you had during pregnancy.

Visiting the dentist

It might sound strange, but did you know that pregnancy hormones can impact your mouth, and not in a good way. About sixty to seventy percent of pregnant moms’ experience gingivitis while pregnant, which is a common symptom during your second trimester. Therefore, its worth booking a consultation with your dentist and follow a stringent home dental regime to ensure your mouth stays healthy. Your oral health can have an impact on your pregnancy. 

Start updating your maternity wardrobe

During this trimester you will already start noticing that your jeans and tops are a little tighter than normal. You will not be able to wear them for much longer. You do not necessarily have to invest in maternity clothes, but its worth spending money on clothes that fits comfortably and are not constricting. Loose dresses, T-shirts, leggings, and jumpsuits are incredibly comfy, and you can keep wearing most of them post-pregnancy.

Treating yourself to a prenatal massage

Let us face it, not all dads volunteer to massage your aching feet and back and some may offer to pay for a professional massage. Do take them up on this offer or make a booking yourself. Prenatal massages are excellent for helping you to relax and getting much-needed relief for common pregnancy aches and pains. Just make sure you use a masseuse that is trained for carrying out prenatal massages and will use essential oils that are safe for pregnancy to ensure you and the baby stays safe.

Pregnancy massage therapy

Planning a babymoon

Planning a babymoon for you and your husband to spend some quality time together does not have to be a grand affair or elaborate experience. It could be a nice weekend getaway just to relax and enjoy each other’s company before welcoming your new-born into your lives. Whether you manage to plan a weekend, week-long, or one-night getaway, do not hesitate and enjoy it. 

Begin lying on your side when sleeping

Many physicians and gynaecologists recommend that you should sleep on your side and not on your back mid-pregnancy. It is particularly advantageous to sleep on the left side to enhance blood flow to the placenta and decrease swelling. To get into a more comfortable position, put a under your hip, between your legs, or behind your back.

Begin with doing Kegels

Kegel exercises are incredibly useful for preventing urine leaks during and post-pregnancy, keeping hemorrhoids away, making intercourse more enjoyable, and enhancing muscle tone in your vagina. 


We hope you have found our article helpful and will consider doing some or all the items mentioned in our second trimester pregnancy checklist. Our last tip is to try and get as much of everything done during this trimester, so by the time you have reached your third trimester, there will not be a bunch of unfinished tasks to get done. You can focus on resting and preparing yourself mentally and physically for your little one’s arrival. 

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  1. Christelle Berrington

    This is so very helpful, especially when you get to baby no 3 and you have forgotten most of this.

  2. I always say that 2nd trimester is the best, not that I had any problems from 2nd until finish. My first trimester was tough. I remember how skinny I was because morning sickness had a better of me. But 2nd trimester treated me well. At some point I was able to plan thoroughly and weighed my options on dome things, from then everything was just smooth until I gave birth

  3. This is helpful, will help us from buying all the unnecessary things that we won’t even use

  4. Love this guide thank you. I remember I had so much planned and there was so much I wanted to do but most of it just flew out the window lol

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