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Scarf Patterns for Winter

Scarves are wonderful accessories. They’re lovely pieces to accent your outfit, and they keep you warm. Scarves are easy to make, they come in all kinds of different designs, and you can customize them with any embellishments or colors you want.

If you’re looking for scarves to keep you warm this winter, look no further than this list to get you started. From elegant scarves with popcorn and cable designs to fun sunburst patterns or matching sets, there’s something for everyone.

Scarf patterns for winter

Popcorn and Cables

Prepare for winter with this stylish scarf in a popcorn and cable pattern. It’s elegant, thick, and warm. You can make it in any color to go with your wardrobe, and it’s so easy, you can make one in every color.

At fifty inches long, you can wrap this scarf multiple times for layered warmth, or you can drape it or tie it elegantly over your shoulders for a dramatic winter look. This scarf also makes a great gift because it’s easy to make but looks high quality.

Drop the Gauntlet

This scarf and fingerless glove set are made with easy drop stitches. They make a great gift, or you can make a set for yourself in every color. It’s simple but lovely and will keep you warm this winter.

The fingerless glove design makes it easy to get work done while staying warm. You can cook, type on the computer, or use your phone. Enjoy stylish comfort and functionality with this set that everyone will want.

Sunburst Scarf

Skinny scarves are in. They’re a great fashion accessory, and they add flair to every outfit. Enjoy a taste of summer while it’s cold outside with this sunburst scarf pattern. It’s fun in any bright color.

You can adjust the colors to reflect the seasons or keep it bright and cheerful for a splash of color in the cold winter months. It requires an intermediate skill level and makes the perfect addition to your accessory or scarf collection.

Snowflake Scarf and Headband

This matching snowflake scarf and headband set is as cute as can be. Embrace the snow with the embroidered snowflake design in soft white and blue or break the mold with colors of your own.

This intermediate project gives you a fun way to enjoy winter while staying warm. The headband piece is great for keeping your ears covered while still being able to style your hair and enjoy the day.

Knit Scarf

Take-a-Bow Neck Warmer

This unique and versatile take on a traditional scarf is fun and versatile. It makes an excellent feminine accessory. Use sparkly yarn of any color to create a fabulous look or weave your own sparkly scarf through it for an entirely different look.

You can create any look you want with endless ways to wear it. Enjoy the season with some sparkle, and you’ll be as bright and beautiful as the freshly fallen snow. Wear it outside to stay warm and inside as a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

These fun winter scarf patterns will have you excited about the winter months. You can dress in style for the cold while staying warm and comfortable. These patterns are a great place to start when looking for ways to remain stylish.

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