Save Money on Amazon Purchases

6 Tips for Moms Who Want to Save on Amazon

With the advent of online shopping, several platforms have come up to satisfy the growing demand of buyers around the world. Among these, Amazon has carved out a niche for itself – providing a wide variety of products at amazing prices.

In the following guide, you will find some actionable Amazon tips that you can take advantage of – especially if you are looking for the best prices on the best products. Read on to learn more:

  1. Price Match Refunds

Amazon provides price match refunds on cell phones and televisions. The catch: you have to get a better deal elsewhere on the same product to take advantage of these refunds.

With reliable price matching policies, Amazon will give you a full refund for the difference between the price you paid and the price you saw elsewhere – say on Costco, Best Buy, or any other online retailer.

This is one of the Amazon tips that are time-bound. As such, you must contact the retailer within 14 days after the product was shipped. The best way to do this would be to call, send an email, or live chat with the retailer’s customer service department and alert them on the price difference, and your refund will be sent back within a couple of hours.

Price match refunds on cell phones

  1. Today’s Deals

Amazon runs a Today’s Deal program through a link at the top of all its pages – a program that is at the background of most Amazon tips you will come across. These deals include time-bound Lightning Deals and Deal of the Day.

The catch with this tip is that Amazon doesn’t send out notices to its customers. However, you can download and install the official Amazon app on your smartphone so that you can get and take advantage of deals on the go.

  1. Quick Sales

You also have the option of making maximum use of quick sales provided through Amazon Gold Box. Apart from the Black Friday Lightning Deals that this retailer runs from time to time, most people are not aware of the popular, time-limited sales that you can enjoy through Amazon Gold Box.

Running all year round, you can use this program to get instant discounts on such popular items as fitness gear and food. However, since the Gold Box Deals change frequently, you need to check back every few hours so that you can make new savings.

Moms save on Amazon

  1. Amazon Coupons

Apart from Gold Box, Amazon also sends out coupon offers that you can use to lower your expenses on the website. There is a special page that lists all Amazon coupons and can be found on Lodlois. All you have to do is go right in, look for coupons, and clip all and any coupon you would like to use.

Although most Amazon discount codes are tailored for household goods, you can also find some attractive offers if you search under such categories as Jewelry, Toys, and Electronics.

This is one of the few Amazon tips where you can get savings of anywhere from 10 to 15% – savings that will be applied automatically after you make your purchase. However, you don’t need to use the coupons – just let them lie there and they will eventually expire.

  1. Amazing Deals on Used and New Items

There’s also the option of using Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse if you are looking for great deals on used and new items. On Amazon Warehouse, you should be able to get tons of stuff from the website’s returned and open-box items. Most of these products fall under the simple money-back return policy that this retailer runs.

The catch with these deals is that the items are sorted according to the condition they are in, such as Acceptable and Very Good. Interestingly, a blender that has been marked “Like New” will still work well enough.

  1. Amazon Prime Reload

If you shop frequently on Amazon or you are a Prime member, you should think about getting into the Prime Reload program. All you need to do is to add funds to your Gift Card Balance through a checking account and Amazon will give you 2% back (up to $196 a day) on all purchases you make using these funds.

This is one of the Amazon tips that are relatively new, meaning that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you activate it. Announced in mid-June, Amazon Prime Reload is a limited time offer. As such, you might want to take maximum advantage while it is still available.

So, there you have it – the top 6 Amazon tips to get you amazing deals and discounts while shopping online. Whether you are looking for a new watch, or you need the best gift for a loved one, you should still be able to get the perfect find without overpaying for it.

How to save money on amazon purchases

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