5 Interesting weight loss facts

5 Interesting Things No One Has Told You About Weight Loss

The formula for weight loss is believed to be quite simple: Exercise and diet. But not everyone can exercise more and eat less. For some people, it takes more effort and motivation to achieve these two simple tasks. According to research, low metabolism, hormonal imbalance, genes and even viruses play a role in obesity, and this makes losing weight a very difficult proposition for some people.

Still, as with everything in life, with the right knowledge weight loss can be accomplished. Here are 5 things, perhaps no one has told you, that can help you lose weight faster and easier.

Interesting weight loss facts you didn't know


  1. You Can Alter Your Metabolism 

You are not stuck with the same metabolism throughout your lifetime. Metabolism is linked to your weight but a slow metabolism is not the leading cause of weight gain. Food intake together with physical activity determines your weight but you can boost your metabolism to enhance your weight loss.

According to a 2014 study, strength training burns almost twice as many calories and can reverse age-induced slow metabolism. Therefore, your metabolism basically depends on how you workout and what you eat.

  1. Stress Fattens You Up

Stressful circumstances spark cravings for carbohydrates rich foods which in turn help to calm the stress hormones. The stress hormones can also ramp up the storage of fats and since most people cope with stress while sitting down, the unused calories accumulate in the midsection.

  1. Antioxidants Are Also Anti-Fat

Free radicals not only make you look old but can also make you fat. This is because they damage the cells that signal us when full.

Free radicals are obtained after eating junk food but they are more prevalent in chips, candy bars and carbohydrate rich foods. Blueberries, almonds, and avocados are full of antioxidants and help burn fat.

Things no one has told you about weight loss

  1. You Can Be Fat Yet Fit

A popular mistaken belief is that body size matters when it comes to health. This misconception that the thinner you are the healthier has been disapproved by multiple studies.

One of these studies was carried out in 2008 and found out that out of 5,500 adults surveyed, 32% obese and 52% overweight had normal blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Conversely, 24% of the slim adults were metabolically abnormal meaning that they had a higher risk of weight related health conditions such as heart disease compared to their heavier counterparts.

  1. More Sleep Translates To Less Weight

The duration of sleep has been proven to affect body mass. This is because sleep deprivation influences ghrelin and leptin, appetite regulating hormones which means you will feel hungrier and will be more likely to engage in poor eating habits.

  1. Some Weight Loss Programs have Been Clinically Proven to Work

Very few weight loss programs can be backed by science and clinical studies. Two of them are Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. Results of their effectiveness on overweight and obese people have been published in peer reviewed journals. BistroMD is also a very reliable program founded by physician and  nationally renowned weight loss expert Dr. Caroline Cenderquist.

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Gina is a health journalist. She researches the current knowledge for all things related to nutrition and fitness, and she enjoys writing about weight loss programs that work. For those looking to save on a meal delivery service designed by a doctor, Gina endorses BistroMD and advises you get a coupon and read a review of this diet from Fitij

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