Q Photo Everyday Photo Books

Q Photo Everyday Photo Books Review

I’ve ordered a number of Q Photo Everyday Photo Books over the last few months and it is such a pleasure to get photos of my family and special memories off of my computer and into a photobook that everyone can look at any time.

Q Photo Everyday Photo Books Review

About Q Photo

Q Photo specialises in supplying high quality, crafted print products to celebrate your special memories. The Q in Q Photo stands for quality. They supply a variety of photobooks, printed canvasses, prints, photo holders, calendars, stationery, home decor items, and gifting.

They have gift cards available on their website and these will be amazing gifts for baby showers

Products come with a money-back quality guarantee, standing by their promise of exceptional quality.

Nationwide shipping is R99 for orders under R500 and free for orders over R500. International shipping is available, you can contact them for a quotation. You can also collect instore in Pretoria.

During peak times such as Christmas allow 10 days for your order to be printed and delivered, however you can usually work on 5 days from the time you order until you receive your delivery.

Q Photo Everyday Photo Books

The Everyday Photo Books are intended to capture your everyday memories in a quick and easy way. These photobooks are 20x20cm, available in hard cover or soft cover, and include 21 photos, with a title on the front page and on the spine of the book.

You can also share a digital copy of your photobook via email – here’s how to do it.

There is no option to add captions to photos, edit layouts, or add extra pages, however, these options are available with the other photobooks that are available, with this photobook being the most popular.

My Q Photo Everyday Photo Book Review

I’m so in love with these Everyday Photo Books. Up until recently all my photos have been stored in Dropbox on my computer with me hardly ever looking at them, and since they are on my computer nobody else has access to them. Getting my favourite photos printed in photobooks was an absolute pleasure. Not even my wedding photos from 10+ years ago were printed.

Designing the photobooks is super quick and easy. All you have to do is choose the Everyday Photo Book option on their website and upload your photos. It takes only two minutes to do.  I recommend that you crop your photos to a square before uploading them since that is the shape they are printed in and it makes it much easier to design your photobook that way.

I’ve ordered 6 photobooks to date, one for each of my children’s first year, my wedding photos, photos of my kids over the years, photos from this year, and a photobook for our recent trip to Cape Town.

I’m super impressed with the amazing quality of these photobooks, the ease of designing them, the speed of delivery, and the superb service received from Q Photo every time I’ve placed an order.

If you have all your photos stored on your computer or phone I highly recommend you give Q Photo Everyday Photo Books a try, you will not be disappointed.

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    Such a special way to store memories. Technology does not preserve quite like a photobook does!

  2. Terri-lee Falken

    Such a beautiful way to capture your memories

  3. Colleen Perrow Hogan

    So true that having special photos on one’s phone etc hardly gets shown or browsed through , love this idea ,miss my old albums from way back

  4. Chane van Eeden

    Such a beautiful book! Perfect way to keep special memories for everyone to see!

  5. Absolutely loved watching your content on these Q Photobooks

  6. Annelise Deolal

    Love this

  7. This would be awesome, just imagine that after being married for 21 years I can finally put them in a book/album…I know, I know…just always forget to buy an album and it’s been so long???

    • LOL so my 10 years of marriage and not having a photo printed is not that uncommon?

      • Simone Slabbert

        Such a lovely way to display photos. My mom recently received a photo book, as a gift from her brother, of their holiday and wow so much better than looking at photos digitally.

      • Nelma Els-van Rooyen

        I thought I was the only one! ? This is a sign to all of us…make that book! Tell no one it’s 10 years late ?
        It’s not me, it’s you. It’s been here all along (in my mind, planning it) ?

      • LOL yes it is never too late to make a photo book of beautiful memories.

    • I would really really love to win this amazing giveaway #WinWithKaboutjie ???

  8. Shani-Lee Balie

    Such an amazing giveaway.. would love to finally have a couple of photos in one book!

  9. Wow such a nice giveaway. Would love to win this.

  10. Makes for a perfect gift

  11. Luichyn Swarts

    I’ve got soooo many special photos I’d like to do. My sons being the 1st.
    It would be so awesome to get his memories saved the proper way

  12. Glynnis Falken

    I have so many photos and special memories I’d like to photo book. The quality is impeccable.

  13. Leigh-Anne Swart

    I would definitely love this QBook to store my precious memories

  14. This is really something I need for our wedding photos, cause I have no idea when it will be printed.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      It really is fantastic for wedding albums and check out the rest of their photobooks – they have ones specifically for weddings, however, I did my wedding photos with the Everyday Photobook

  15. I love this idea of all your memories in 1 book

  16. Such a lovely idea to have all your memories in a book to page through.

  17. This is one of my fave to have and male my own .i cant wait to get myself one and start with my family pics and keep my memories again

  18. I used to love taking pics wherever I went on my Canon 35mm my dad gave me. Sadly I’m hardly in any pics but nevertheless loved taking pics, even now. There was always the thrill of handing in a spool at Kodak to later gush at some lovely pics taken (or not as well). These days we can edit and delete BUT NEVER TO PRINT! The magic is lost.
    I would love to win one to get back that magic. Awesome prize. A good prezzie idea for my sister who is visiting in December from NZ.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I am so with you Ingrid, there is nothing better than having printed photos and we really have lost that in this modern age. I also loved getting my photos developed and receiving them. It was a very different time!

  19. I just looov this Photo books cant wait to get my hands one for my family all the best to all

  20. Brenda Fernandes

    Very special

  21. Oh how lovely! I would love to WIN this

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