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3 Ways Puzzle Games Help Moms Destress

One of the things that I struggle with on a daily basis is feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things that I need to get done in a day. It is not just the amount of things, it is a wide variety of things that I need to keep track of and manage, it is jumping from one thing to another and the juggling act of trying to keep the balance. I find that it is so important for me to find some time each day to clear my mind and destress, and playing puzzle games is a great way for me to do this.

3 Ways Puzzle Games Help Moms Destress

How Puzzle Games Help Moms Destress

Brain Exercises

It is so important to keep exercising your brain and puzzle games are a great way to do this in a fun way without any pressure. Creativity, memory, and problem-solving can be improved through activities like puzzle games.


If you struggle to clear your mind puzzle games are a fantastic way to focus on something in a meditative way. Solving puzzle games requires focus and silence while figuring out the game, it is a great way to calm anxious thoughts and find some peace in your day.

Satisfying To Finish

There is great satisfaction on completing a puzzle or puzzle game. Completing a task releases dopamine and you get the same release of hormones when completing a puzzle game. There are varying degrees of difficulty when it comes to puzzle games, the trickier the puzzle the more satisfaction when finishing it.

My Favourite Puzzle Games To Play

My kids always ask me why I play “boring games”, however, I find a lot of satisfaction in puzzle games. My favourite types of games are solitaire, mahjong, word games, and matching games. I love playing online puzzle games on because I don’t have to download anything to my phone or computer to play, there are no ads, I also don’t have to register my details and there are a lot of great games to choose from. I have all my favourite games in one place.

Here are my favourite games to play:

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is more interesting and trickier to complete than Solitaire. I enjoy being able to choose the difficulty of the game by choosing if I want to play with 1 suite, 2 suites or 4 suites.

With Spider Solitaire you have to match cards of one suite together from King to Ace in order to clear it off the board. You can match cards of different suites to access cards underneath, however you can only move cards that are of the same suite and this can make it trickier to complete the game so it is best to try match same suite as much as possible and only match with another suite sparingly when needed or there is a good chance you will get stuck.

Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is a very simple game and I find it very soothing to play to take my mind off things. You need to match free tiles to clear them off the board. You cannot match a tile to a tile that is in between tiles. The aim of the game is to match all the tiles to clear the board.

I love that in this game you can shuffle the board if you get stuck, this is not always a feature in Mahjong games and makes it easier to continue if you get stuck. I love being able to complete a game rather than having to start a new one.



Minesweeper is a fun game where you have to find all the bombs on the board. When you click on a square it reveals a number and that number tells you how many bombs are next to that square. The goal of the game is to flag all the bombs and uncover all the squares without clicking on a bomb.

Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword

The daily crossword is great. I used to buy lots of magazines and newspapers but now I get most of my information online and very rarely buy magazines, so it was a pleasure to find the daily crossword on this site.

Zuma Ball

Zuma Ball

Zuma Ball is a fun and simple game to play. Balls move along a track and before they reach the end of the track you need to shoot and match balls to destroy all the balls.

If you enjoy puzzles games as much as me be sure to check out these games.

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  1. My favourite game to play is sudoku. Love it to bits .. just love challenging my brain

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