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Sharing Your Child’s Milestones With Printed Photo Books

Once you enter the world of parenting, you will soon realize that time flies and that you sometimes find yourself wishing that time would stand still for a moment. Every stage of a child’s growth and development marks special moments in time that you will not experience again. From feeling those kicks when you’re expecting to your newborn nuzzling your neck and your toddler giving his first steps. Every milestone brings its own unique triumphs and challenges.

When it comes to parenting, every age is important, and printed photo books provide one of the best ways to capture these moments in a tangible way and look back on when your child is all grown up.

The offers an excellent opportunity for doing just that. These photo books are available in hard or soft cover varieties and are super affordable. The ordering process is quick and easy, and you can personalize your photobook with 21 high-quality photos of your choice. You can also send a free digital copy via email to friends and family.

Click here to read my review of the Q Photo Everyday Photo Book. I’m loving creating a new photo book every month to capture all our treasured family memories. 

There are so many essential milestones and events during your child’s development that you can eternalize in book form that can be passed down for generations to come. Personal photo books are family heirlooms that withstand the test of time to be preserved and cherished. 

Here are six important milestones during your parenting journey that are worth capturing:

Sharing Your Child's Milestones With Printed Photo Books

6 Milestones Worth Capturing With Printed Photo Books

Maternity Photos

Each pregnancy if unique and marks a special time in every woman’s life. Before you know it, it will be over, and you will be holding your newborn in your arms for the first time. Maternity photos showcase this exciting time when your child was still growing inside you. You can include photos of your belly during different stages of pregnancy, your baby shower, and preparing the nursery before your baby is born.

Newborn Phase

The waiting is finally over, and your baby is born. The many diaper changes and lack of sleep is all worth it because nothing can compare to the overwhelming sense of protection and love you experience during the first months of your baby’s life. Capture his earliest moments with beautiful newborn photos to show him when he is older.

First Birthday

Your child’s first birthday is an essential milestone in his life that you will not easily forget. Usually, after his first birthday, he starts walking and exploring the world around him. Many parents do a cake-smashing photoshoot on their little’s one’s first birthday. It has been a longstanding tradition that marks this important milestone. Let’s face it, your child is no longer a tiny baby, and before you know it, he will be a busy toddler.

Everyday Moments

Apart from essential milestones, there are also many everyday moments that are worth capturing. For instance, on your child’s first day at his pre-school, when you start noticing his first tooth appearing, giving his first steps, his first recital, and many more. It is worth capturing all the little things and the everyday moments you share as a family.

Yearly Milestones

Consider choosing an annual milestone that you would like to commemorate. For instance, a photo book filled with photos of every birthday, celebrating Christmas, during your annual Easter egg hunt, or perhaps your annual family vacation. Yearly photos show how your child is growing, from his baby days to becoming a toddler, a teenager, and finally a grownup.

Special Family Events

There are bound to be many family traditions that you would like to capture and treasure. These include your child’s baptism, graduating from pre-school, primary school, and high school, getting married, and even major achievements like graduating from college.

Final Thoughts

A photo book can tell a story that is just not possible with words. It is a wonderful memento that shares your unique parenting journey. It is something that can be preserved and treasured from one generation to the next. Creating a photo book for specific milestones is a great idea, however also consider ordering a photo book each month to capture the everyday moments too. 

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