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7 Best Apps For Kids 2022

In the sea of never-ending apps popping up in the app store every day, what are some of the best apps you can give to your kids to use? 

Luckily, you do not have to worry about market saturation and endless apps. We have all of that covered and we are here to help you. The apps we chose are nothing less than impressive, impactful, and informative tools that will cover all of your and your kids’ needs. 

You say it, we got it – our top app list includes everything from money management to studying and homework. We even threw in an alarm app that will make your kids get up in time for breakfast before school. 

7 Best Apps For Kids 2022

Money Management Apps For Kids

Healthy financial choices are pivotal for your children’s success in life. This is why you want to ensure you are promoting and teaching your children all about money management from an early age. Unlike the traditional cash system, apps can now help you achieve this goal. 

One app that stands out from the rest as the best allowance app for kids on the market is BusyKid. This will help your child to navigate the world of finances, all the while helping you keep track of your children’s chores. This app and Visa debit card make a perfect pairing for parents who are in a rush and kids who like to gain knowledge from their mobile phones. 

Studying Apps For Kids

Look no further than Khan Academy. If you are on the hunt for a one-stop-shop type of app that will teach your kids a variety of topics, this one is a good choice to look into. This popular choice enables your kids to engage in lessons on history, math, and economics. 

The best part is that it is self-paced, and perfect as an additional source for learning. The app comes in more than thirty languages and is available for both iPhone and Android. Keep in mind that it will provide not only knowledge but also numerous quizzes to test it, making it a perfect studying adventure, especially for kids who are visual learners.

Homework app

Homework Apps For Kids

In the fast-paced world we live in nowadays, it can be easy to forget that your kid had that one art project to turn in this morning. But, you are already in the office and the deadline slipped your kid’s mind. We have all been there – either as a kid or as parents. Or both. 

To keep on top of all of that homework, we highly suggest checking out the Show My Homework app. It runs on both iPhone and Android and is free of charge. The app will allow you to set reminders to finish that homework and makes life so much easier for the parents. 

Exercise Apps For Kids

Physical activity of your children does not have to rely solely on their P.E. class. Rather, you can have your kids stay active after school, over holidays, and on a daily level. 

We do not have to remind ourselves that this is vital, especially with kids being more focused on playing on their devices rather than outside. If your kids are quite young, we suggest something like the Kids Exercise app, which has a simple interface and exercises that are suitable for all – regardless of a child’s prior fitness activities. 

If your kids are not as young, we suggest Kids Fitness. Exercises here are a bit more difficult but engaging. The first app is suitable for both iPhones and Android, while the latter one is only Android-friendly. 

Alarm Apps For Kids

We have all stayed up later than our parents instructed us to, right? Hence, it is safe to say that your kids might be enjoying a bit more screen time or a good book late in the night. To avoid your kids being late to breakfast, the bus, or school we recommend taking a look at some of the best alarms right now. 

One such choice is the Shake-it Alarm & Step Counter. This little teddy will make sure your kids always hear their alarm. With varying levels of intensity and tasks to complete before the alarm turns on, your kids might just be the first ones to show up at your kitchen table. This app also provides a step counter and weather info. 


Talk to your kids in a way they understand. Do it high-tech style and impress them.

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