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5 Steps To Help Prepare Your Child For Braces

Braces have become increasingly common in recent years. In fact, many adults now have braces to correct their teeth; the latest records show that 62% of adults would like to improve their teeth, even if that means wearing braces. This can make it more acceptable to have a brace.

But, that doesn’t make it less daunting for a child. They will be concerned about how the braces will feel and whether other children will make fun of them.

Fortunately, you can take five simple steps to help them prepare for their braces:

  1. Choose a Good Dentist

This is one time when only the best will do. You need to choose a reputable paediatric dentist Sydney, one that has plenty of experience with children and braces. This will put your mind at rest and reassure your child. They’ll be able to talk to the dentist and be assured of a sympathetic and understanding ear.

  1. Talk About The Treatment

Children, and adults, are generally less concerned about treatment when they know what to expect. That means you need to sit down with them and tell them all about the process, from taking a mould of their teeth to fitting the metal plates, adding a wire, and the use of bands.

It sounds much simpler when it’s broken into stages and you may both learn a lot.

  1. Discuss The Differences When Wearing Braces

Alongside the concerns over fitting the braces, your child is likely to be worried about what will be different. The main issue they will face is an inability to eat certain foods. Basically, anything too hard is likely to damage the braces and, therefore, should be avoided.

Alongside this, your child may need to learn to remove bands and replace them before and after eating. They will also have to be more careful about brushing their teeth and should do it after every meal.

  1. Remind Your Child Of The Benefits

If your child is still concerned then you need to remind them of the benefits, primarily that their teeth will be straight. That will give them a great smile which will improve their self-esteem and confidence. In turn, this will open opportunities for them.

It’s amazing how much difference confidence can make, having great teeth allows you to smile and that really improves confidence.

Make sure your child realizes the benefits and that they will be grateful for them in the future.

  1. Let Them Talk!

Finally, your child is still likely to have some questions and concerns. Give them plenty of opportunities to discuss these questions with you and talk about their concerns. You could make it a daily or nightly habit, encouraging them to share their feelings.

This can be beneficial when having braces fitted and for a variety of other issues that you, or they, may find it difficult to talk about.

Providing you are there for them and help them with anything you can, they won’t need to be scared about having braces. This will make the process much simpler and more effective.

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  1. These are good tips I think my kid may need braces when she’s older. I wish my mom got braces done for me

  2. My eldest ask us before he went high school for braces but he really dont need it .I realise now i read your post i think its also a good thing as they grow older the braces keep your teeth straight too will definitely try to get him braces one day

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