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Prepare for Your First Hiking – Get Yourself a Comfortable and Safe Outdoor Experience

Hiking is one of the best ways to embrace the nature.  It is good for your health, both physically and mentally. Hiking with a group of friends may also help you build up good relationships. If you’re a beginner, a lot of unexpected things might happen on the trail. How to prepare your first hiking so that you can enjoy the trail without any concerns? Here we give some helpful tips and an infographic of hiking essentials. Keep reading.

#1 Get Your Body Ready for Hiking

General trainings before hiking are necessary.  Before taking the long-distance trail hiking, you’d better start with short-distance walking frequently. This is the best way to create muscle memories and get your body on the shape of hiking. Apart from walking, it is also quite helpful to do running, cycling, and other sorts of physical activities, such as push-ups, dead lift, one-arm dumbbell rows, calf raises, etc.

# 2 Choose the Proper Trail

For beginners, it is recommended to choose an easier trail with less elevation or a clearer path. One-day hiking should be the best arrangement. Take the Grand Canyon as an example, the Corridor Trails are the most developed ones for people who are hiking for the first time or looking for a little bit more comfort.

# 3 Ensure Your Safety All the Time

It is difficult to be well-connected to each other while there’s no cell service out in the wild. If you get lost in the mountain alone, how can your group member find you? Thanks to the creation of outdoor GPS tracking device, all group members can be tracked with real-time location without cell service. If someone has any emergency, the SOS feature on the tracker will send the exact location of that member.

# 4 Hiking Essentials that You Must Pack

The following infographic has listed some basic hiking essentials which should meet your most needs.

With the tips above, sure you can get yourself a comfortable and safe hiking experience.

Hiking Packing Checklist


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