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5 Fun Backyard Games For Kids Of All Types

Outdoor games kids

Backyard games are a simple yet fun way of keeping your kids physically active. And after receiving an excellent response for DIY yard games, we have put together five fun backyard games that require little to no need for any arts and crafts, perfect for quick playdates. Red Light, Yellow …

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5 Ways To Get Your Kids Unplugged And Outside

Girl pushing lawnmower

Tracy Williams, successful entrepreneur, Head of Sales and Operations at Rolux and mom of twins, has some ideas on getting your kids to ditch their screens this December and dirty their hands in the garden instead. It’s every parent’s greatest challenge in the digital age – balancing children’s screen time …

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The Importance of Outdoor Education

More than 20 years ago, Somerset College learners undertook the school’s first Trek. The advantages observed highlighted the importance of outdoor learning and the school, based in Somerset West, now offers dedicated experiences for all age groups from Grade 1 to Grade 11. Why Outdoor Education? A number of studies …

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10 Gift Ideas for Outdoor Kids

Children playing in forest

Playing outdoors and being active in nature is essential for the health and general well-being of your kids. Anything that you can do to encourage your child to spend more time in nature is well worth looking at. If you are looking for a super special gift for a child …

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6 Simple Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids


Good parenting involves protecting your children from possible situations that can bring harm to them. Therefore, it is your ultimate responsibility as a parent to educate your children so that they can know how to respond to an emergency. This involves empowering them with basic survival skills. Since kids love …

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5 Ways To Help Guarantee Your Kids Are Safe Outside

3 Children Playing Outside

Every parent wants to make sure they’ve done everything possible to ensure their child’s security. But children’s ideas of fun unfortunately don’t always match up with parental safety ideals. With their limitless curiosity and seemingly unending energy levels, this can sometimes lead to more dangerous situations, especially when the outdoors …

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Vitamin-N for the Kids

Vitamin N for the Kids

The goal of parenting is to bring up healthy and well-rounded individuals, who live cooperatively in society. In the last few years, there has been a worrisome increase in Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) among kids. Children can’t seem to process the input from their sensory organs. We were taught about …

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