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Pamper Yourself: 6 Natural Ways To Relax During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life. While the prospect of a new baby brings you joy, the journey can be difficult. The hormonal change in the mother’s body has its responses. Some women have it worse than others, where they cannot eat properly because of constant nausea. But as soon as your baby is out of your belly, all your nausea will vanish! But until the time of birth, you need to find ways to cope with all the morning sickness and body aches.

It is vital that a mother tries to relax as much for the sake of her baby’s health. Mommies-to-be often find it hard to unwind as they cannot have the occasional glass of drink. So how can you relax? There are a couple of tips for all the pregnant ladies who want a much-needed break!

Pamper Yourself - 6 Natural Ways To Relax During Pregnancy

Eat Your Favorite Food

If you ask me, the best way to pamper myself would be to eat my favorite dish. There are days when you just want to eat and enjoy without thinking about your diet plan. Have one of those days. Let loose after a little bit and indulge in some tasty food. As long as you are maintaining a healthy diet most of the time, there is nothing wrong in giving in to your cravings. But you must do it without feeling guilty, or it will defeat the entire purpose.

Eat a chocolate cake, pizza, or even pasta. Eat whatever you can during pregnancy and consider yourself lucky as some women can’t eat a morsel without throwing up. If it is healthy food you are craving, then what could be better than that? A diet rich in minerals and vitamins can really boost your mood.

Take a Bath in the Hot Tub

Taking a dip in a hot tub can be the ultimate way to relax. However, during pregnancy, the circumstances change. A question majority of the women ask is that ‘Can pregnant women go in hot tubs?’ While it is true that you should be extra cautious during pregnancy, there is no harm in sitting in a hot tub. You do need to follow some rules when you are in the tub.

The temperature of the water in the tub should never exceed 104°F. When you sit in hot water, it can easily raise the body temperature. For healthy people’s bodies, dealing with hot water is not a concern. On the other hand, pregnant women’s bodies are vulnerable, and the hot temperature can cause health issues for you and the baby.

Because hot tubs are designed for more than one person, it can also be a great way for pregnant women to spend time with their partners/friends (something they really need during this time).

A lot of people have raised some concerns regarding pregnant women’s use of hot tubs. The general consensus is that you should use hot tubs carefully and for a limited time only. It is still better to ask your doctor if you want to use a hot tub in the first trimester.

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Go to a Spa

A day at the spa can take away all your tiredness. Your body becomes different during pregnancy. Forget everything you thought you knew about yourself. Some vegetarians develop a craving for meat during pregnancy while some develop Gestational diabetes. Some grooming at the spa can really take your mind off things.

A manicure-pedicure can prove as water therapy, especially during the last few months when you can’t see your toes. It feels good to be pampered when you are not even in the mood of dressing up. Get a body massage from a trained therapist.

A pedicure will be especially good for your feet as the growing fetus can cause swelling in your feet. Getting a pedicure from time to time can sooth the muscles and even reduce the swelling to some level.

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Visit a Salon

A lot of times, our appearance can be a direct reflection of the way we feel from the inside.  Something I have learned is that, whenever you feel under the weather, get dolled up! There is nothing wrong with looking pretty. You are already having a bad day, why not deal with it with style! In fact, the moment you get ready, you will feel a bit better.

Go to a salon and get a new haircut or extensions. Get a scalp treatment to tame the frizziness in your hair as you don’t want to struggle with those tangles at this point. If you wish to change your look a little, dye your hair and experiment with the colors. The entire activity will take your mind off things I promise!

Take a Trip

When you get pregnant, you get so overwhelmed by this new responsibility that you forget to take some time out for yourself. While enjoying this precious time is important, you must also remember that after your baby comes, you won’t be able to have a flexible time table for a few years at least. For example, I have seen so many women spending their pregnancies at home, even though they love to travel. Just because you have a baby bump does not mean you have to confine yourself in the walls of your house.

Some women by nature hate to travel, but if you are not one of them, you must get on the road again (with proper precautionary measures of course). A 2-3 day trip with your friends/partner can be enough to take the pressure off. The only time you should avoid traveling is during the last month of your pregnancy. If you want to travel on an airplane, check with your doctor first.

Your entire pregnancy should be about being happy. Think of it like this; whatever you feel, your baby will feel too. That means the happier and healthier you are during pregnancy, the more comfortable and healthy your baby will be! Best of luck with the new phase of your life!

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