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6 Stunning Nursing Tops For Breastfeeding In Style

Nursing tops are an excellent option for breastfeeding as they contain no metal or plastic parts and many of them are suitable to wear at home or for sleep. There is a wide selection of styles available to choose from when shopping for nursing tops.

In appearance, these tops resemble ordinary ones and they can be worn long after your breastfeeding period has come to an end.

The most significant advantage of nursing tops is that they enable you to breastfeed discreetly and comfortably when or wherever you want whether it is in a public place such as a park or coffee shop or at home when relatives or friends are visiting.

Nursing tops are not only functional but also fashionable and there are many different types of nursing tops to choose from.

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6 Stunning Nursing Tops - Breastfeeding In Style

Top 6 Stunning Types Of Nursing Tops – Breastfeeding In Style

  1. Nursing tops with a secret cut underneath the breast

The top usually has a second top layer which ends under the breast. These tops are made from stretchy and soft fabric which makes them comfortable and they can be dressed up with maternity jeans and sandals.

These tops provide quick nursing access with simply lifting up the front top layer and exposing the breast through the secret opening underneath.

  1. Nursing tops with a zipper

These tops have concealed zip cut-outs which makes it easily accessible for breastfeeding and double pump.

A great stylish choice to be worn with maternity leggings or skinny jeans.

  1. Wrap nursing Tops

A hugely popular and functional choice for nursing are wrap dresses or tops, as they are designed in the same way as your usual fashionable blouses. They are suitable for most body types and an excellent choice for long-term use when your nursing days have come to an end.

V-neck wrap blouses or shirts provide simple access for hassle-free breastfeeding and are ideal for a professional or more stylish look.

  1. Nursing tops with front buttons

These trendy tops are great for indoor and outdoor lifestyles. Buttoned tops are designed to be easily unbuttoned with one hand and the buttons are an excellent choice for occupying baby when in unfamiliar surroundings. When the outer layer is unbuttoned, the deep arm hole of the inner layer is easily pushed over and away from the armpit for discreet and comfortable nursing.

  1. V-neck nursing tops

Another excellent choice for nursing tops is shirts with a deep V-neck and a surplice front layer which allows simple and easy access to nursing openings beneath for hassle-free nursing.

The elementary fashionable V-neck t-shirts are a great choice for feeding your new-born and can be worn during pregnancy and breastfeeding. V-neck shirts are a wonderful style option for when you’re looking for a professional or more formal look.

  1. Nursing tops with vertical slots in the bottom layer

These tops are highly popular and a preferred option. They usually have vertical slots in the lower layer and are covered with another layer on top. When nursing, the edge of the item is raised while baby is obscured by the upper part of the shirt to protect them from prying eyes, light or noise.

Additional helpful tips for buying clothing suitable for breastfeeding

Let’s face it, having a baby can become an expensive venture and not all Moms can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothing. These tips can help you to pick a few items that are not necessarily maternity wear but can still be functional when breastfeeding.

  1. Buying nursing tanks or bras

A good nursing tank top or bra is the foundation for a breastfeeding wardrobe. Nursing tanks and bras are designed with special snaps, clips or hooks that allows for easy access without compromising the support structures of the bra.

  1. Wearing tank tops underneath clothing

When you’re wearing none-maternal clothing that must be lifted, opened, pulled aside or unbuttoned, wearing a tank top underneath your blouse or dress can provide you with a better sense of coverage. Make sure you choose tank tops with wider openings or lower necklines to enable you to push the tank up or move it aside.

  1. Buying button-down shirts

When you don’t have a large budget for maternity clothes, button-down shirts are an excellent choice for quick and easy access when nursing. Leaving the bottom buttons done can help you feel less exposed when breastfeeding in public. Button-down shirts are a great option when you want to look professional or dress up, making them a perfect option for working Moms too.

  1. Wrap dresses or tops

A wrap dress or top are Mom’s best friends, because not only are they super stylish, but the crisscross design provides easy access for nursing.

  1. Scoop-neck or V-neck T-shirts

When you’re looking for a comfortable and casual option, you can’t go wrong with buying a T-shirt. Shirts with a bigger neck can easily be pulled down by the neck to bring baby closer to your breast. Shirts with lycra or polyester offer more bounce fabric-wise and won’t stretch as easily.

  1. Bella bands

We all know how functional a bella band can be during pregnancy, but you’ll be surprised about how useful they can be during your breastfeeding period. They provide great torso coverage and will defeat the need for wearing layered shirts to cover your tummy area while nursing.

  1. Wearing a scarf

Scarves are not only a great fashion accessory for accenting your outfit, they can provide extra privacy when you’re nursing. Wider scarves made from thin fabric will provide lots of coverage and will not weigh you down.

  1. Peasant tops

Peasant blouses are super versatile and can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts or pants and they are an excellent choice for nursing since they can easily be opened or adjusted when you’re out and about.

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