Mommy you are my best friend

Mommy You Are My Best Friend

This mommy journey is not always easy and I have written a lot of content on my website about how hard it has been at times and how tired I was.

The majority of those posts were from when I had young babies and geez that was tough, but I am finding not only that the journey becomes easier, but there are more and more precious mommy moments.

It is those precious little moments that keep me happy and positive when things get hard. So I have decided to start sharing some of those moments with you, not just so you can ooh and aaah about them but perhaps you are having a tough time with your newborn baby and you are struggling to adjust to being a new mom

Then you can read my posts sharing my difficulties but you can also read how awesome this journey becomes at a later time, when it gets easier, when your children really start showering you with love and you feel so much pride and happiness that you cry with emotion.

Here is the first little precious mommy moment that I want to share with you, it actually happened a few months ago but it has to be the best one yet!

I was having a bad day, not one of those really awful bad days, just not a great day. I was feeling a little down, maybe I had PMS… who knows.

I was sitting having lunch with my children and my three year old son jumped up from his chair, walked around to me and climbed on my lap. He put his little arms around my neck and rested his head on my shoulder.

Then he whispered so quietly into my ear “Mommy you my best friend”.

I had never heard my son use the term “best friend” before, who knows even where he heard it or how much he understands about it. But he chose to call me his best friend and it felt amazing.

He took my not so great day and turned it into one very special day that will stand out from so many other days because of that precious little moment.

I will remember that moment for many years to come.

What precious mommy moments would you like to share?

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  1. Thank for sharing my moments is every day a smile from my boy memories will still come

  2. Waiting for my precious moments cant wait so excited im already so entertained by our little man

  3. Personally with juggling so much as being a single mom work collegues home cleaning cooking homework and financiallys I experience more bad days than good however I speak to my son and we discuss how our day was and how naughty the next person was to us and then we say to each other we forgive them and that we have a new day ahead of us. My son has told me I am his mom and his friend for life no matter what. Our children grow to fast

  4. Am enjoying my son even little things we do wa are friends☺️☺️☺️

  5. Thank you my moment is when my son comes to me and hugs me and says mama aneh you love me everyday because I love you everyday also wow it’s just feels so special coming from a little boy and u know it’s pure and true

  6. Man i have a new moment my son grab my face and pull me closer with his mouth open to Kissy its so cute im soaking wet afterwards but its adorable.

  7. My little monster loves to tell my that my men love me. Wonder what he will come up with once his sister is here because then it wont just be my men.

  8. @Lynne, these moments are what make all of it worth it! I must share with you my latest moment, my little girl makes it extremely clear that she is her Daddy’s girl. Her father at the moment wins hands down as her favourite 😛 The other day I was in the kitchen getting her school lunch ready when she came flying into the kitchen, “Mommy, Mommy” wrapping her arms around me and continued to say “Mommy, you know how much I love you?” Honestly deep down I was expecting an answer like “not as much as Daddy” haha! What came next took the wind right out of my sails and gave me a lump in my throat almost as big as the day she was born. “Mommy, I love you as much as the ‘gajillion’ starts up the sky”
    <3 <3

  9. Son’s hold a special place in mum’s heart my son and I are so well connected we can tell if something’s wrong or if the other has had a bad day and he will just come and cuddle up to me as for my little one she looks at me and says mummy you so booutifool your hair is so pretty and sparkly

  10. Today my 8 years old son and I were discussing a poem we read. I asked for his interpretation and he said our hearts have a window and we need to keep it clean so the light can shine through. He then told me that my light always shines through. Instant tears.

    • Adri la Grange

      This is such an intelligent and deep comment for an eight year old! Well done on the compliment he gave you. The people we live with are those who know us through and through. I am sure your son had seen you at your best as well as at your worst. So he does know you well. Therefore this is a compliment that you can be proud of. You can also be proud of raising him in such a way to be able to say something so insightful. May you experience a whole lot more of these special moments with your son.

  11. Betsie Labuschagne

    There is nothing as heartwarming as a child’s kisses and hugs. It makes my heart melt instantly!

  12. Elize Swanepoel

    Since JD was a baby, he was more inclined to do little things with my husband. He would giggle with him or my hubby had more luck with putting him to sleep or getting him to eat his food.

    But as he grew older, I had some special moments of my own. I used to beat myself up for not “being as cool”as Daddy but after a while I realized that I have my own moments with JD and there are things that he would do only with me.

    I would sing a little song to him while he brushes his teeth and he would “give me five” since he was very small.

    My special moment that I would like to share with you was this weekend actually. I don’t know if you ever saw this youtube clip of this baby and his mother. She would say to him: “I love yyyooouuuuuuuuuuu and then he would say it back but he wouldn’t pronounce the words correctly”. It really is so cute.

    Well, we’ve been saying this phrase to JD since he was a baby but over the weekend the three of us we were on our way to the Mall and I said it to JD. He said it back to me and my husband and I both chuckled.

    I couldn’t believe it.

    And sometimes I would look at JD when he is playing. And when he looks up and catches me looking at him, he would come to me and give me a hug. That really makes me feel super awesome.

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