5 Best Animated Kids Movies

5 Best Kids Animated Movies That I Enjoyed Watching With My Kids

There are so many kids animated movies that come out and I find a load of them a drag to watch. I wish I could get by with never ever having to watch another Barbie movie but unfortunately my daughter is quite hooked on them.

Every Friday night my kids have a movie night and it is a special tradition that they look forward to eagerly each week. I love to join in, so I am grateful when there is a movie that I can also enjoy.

Here are some of the movies that I  have really enjoyed watching with my kids, if you and your children haven’t seen these yet I suggest that you do.

The Trolls

The theme is that there are trolls which are happy, colorful bright little creatures.They love dancing, singing, hugging and best of all having a huge party.

Then there are the Bergens that are miserable, large creatures that believe the only way they can be happy is to eat trolls. Of course the trolls are trying to save their skins and the Bergens are wanting to eat the lot of them.

The music is great and the whole movie is uplifting and fun.


The daughter of the chief of Polynesian is chosen by the ocean to reunite an ancient relic with a goddess. The world is dying and unless she can find the demigod Maui her tribe and all the world may perish.

Moana sets off on a fun filled adventure to save her tribe.

The Secret Life of Pets

There is a new dog in the home and Max is not happy with the arrangement. When the new dog, Duke, and Max are out in the park Duke tries to abandon Max and they are attacked by cats.

They are now in the city together and they have to fight to survive and stay ahead of the pound.


It is a world of civilized animals and Zootropolis is the big city. Judy is the first bunny to make it into the police force and heads into Zootropolis to start working.

Predators start going savage and she is determined to crack the case against all odds.

How To Train Your Dragon

There is a mythical viking world where there are dangerous dragons. The son of the Viking leader, Hiccup, is too scared and small to fight dragons like the rest of the vikings.

When the dragons attack he thinks he has killed a Night Fury dragon, the most dangerous and rare of all the dragons. Instead he has just injured it and he cannot bring himself to kill it. He becomes friends with the dragon and it soon becomes clear that what they believe about dragons is not true.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of awesome kids animated movies, what animated movies did you enjoy watching with your kids recently?

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  1. Depends on the age of the child, I think. A few of these are not age appropriate and so it’s good you watch it with them so you can skip the scary bits. For instance there’s no way I’m going to let my 3yr old watch how to train your dragon. And Pets is also out, with that awful snake scene. Now that we watch so many children’s movies, I’m AMAZED how many there are that just are not appropriate for small children. It’s a little disconcerting.

    • @juhani my three year old and five year old watched all of those with me and they were fine. However I do agree with you that loads of kids movies have things that are completely inappropriate.

      What about all those music videos on the movie channel? Oh its bad!

      • I forget not all children are as sensitive as my child 🙂 Mommy is sensitive too, so we’re very careful. I’m sure you know what’s best for them and it’s so nice that you watch it with them.

        Yes, it’s horrible what’s on TV. We haven’t watched TV in months. I’m always wary of the adverts too, sometimes they advertise a violent movie that is going to show this weekend, then I have to run to turn it off. So we just quit TV altogether. There’s always Netflix. So much easier to control.

        To answer the Q in your post, my favourite animated movies are:
        1. Rapunzel (I have a major crush on Flynn Rider. There I said it.)
        2. Brave (Love the strong female lead and mother-daughter relationship.
        3. Frozen (Elsa <3)
        4. Up (Very artistic. I've watched the special features mini docu 4 times.)
        5. Eldorado (Funny dialogue and also artistic)
        6. How to train your dragon 2 is awesome too. But I haven't let my kid watch it yet. Maybe when he's older.

        Thanks for all your interesting posts. I really enjoy your site.

      • Lynne Huysamen

        Rapunzel as in Tangled @juhani? I also loved that movie and my kids love it too. Frozen is always awesome and Eldorado is great.

        I actually haven’t watched Brave before, I will have to find that for my daughter. I also love the strong female lead movies!

      • Yes, Tangled. I always forget the name.
        Brave is very nice, Scottish accents and everything. 🙂

      • Lynne Huysamen

        Thanks @juhani I’ll watch that next with my kids for sure!

  2. I’m a sucker for animation movies and enjoyed every one of them mentioned. My all time favourite is still Beauty & the Beast. As a kid I was nearly able to recite the whole movie & sing the songs word for word. Now I still remember all the songs but can only recite the opening lines ?.

    I cannot wait till Connor is old enough to enjoy movies and i hope he enjoys them as much as I did when I was a kid

    • Oh yes there are some amazing ones aren’t there @ani1009 🙂 We have Beauty & The Best on DVD at home, plus many others like The Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and loads more.

      Have you seen Strange Magic yet? If you haven’t you have really missed out, so add that to your list of movies to watch. I was thinking of adding it to this list but decided to go with more current animated movies 🙂

      • Good morning Lynne I have not watched Strange Magic yet but will definitely put that on my list ?.

      • I can relate to that Anita if I have to choose between grown ups movies and kids movies I definitely go for kids movies

  3. My 6 month old watch barnie guess al the singing draws attention

  4. Secret life of pets was also amazing and I enjoy watching Despicable Me very cute and absolutely adore open season it’s the cutest movie ever so my children won’t have any problems watching animations with me at all. Ill watch it over and over with them

  5. Amazon have some pretty cool Trolls things available…want to share something about my brothers nearly 4 year old daughter she love watching cartoon movies but everytime i get so into the movie she and nearly the end she want to please watch another dvd so never see the end and cant change her mind she will watch anothef movie

  6. All fantastic movies Lynne 🙂 Moana, i wont lie, i thoroughly enjoyed! So much so i could watch it again without my daughter LOL

  7. Have you seen the following;
    Petes dragon
    Robinson curso
    I personally would like to watch Mona

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes I saw Storks, well most of it while my kids were watching I was working next to them so I didn’t pay full attention! Yes we saw Pete’s Dragon and I loved that too… I haven’t seen Brave yet and you are the second person to mention that movie so I must get it!

  8. My son love to watch how to train your dragon and boss baby we went to watch it last sunday its a good movie for children

  9. Oky so movies i have never watched i have watched all of them like how to train you dragon watched it and actually love it shrek LOL i have watched all of them now and finding nemo LOL these is watch i could get to watch im sure my son will love watching all these movies with me and i saw i enjoyed it so we will be watching movies together…

  10. My son likes tom and Jerry movies and there so funny that I enjoy watching them with him to

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