Best potty Training Urinal Boys

Best Potty Training Urinal Boys

Teaching my boy potty training has certainly been interesting and one of the things we struggled with was getting him to stand and pee.

This is just because he was seeing me sitting all the time and he didn’t quite understand what I was saying to him. Even when I was sure he understood he was reluctant to stand and pee. It turns out that yes while mostly potty training is the same there are some small differences with potty training boys and girls.

That was until we went to a birthday party. It was the birthday of one of my daughter’s friends but the birthday girl had a little brother so my son was invited too.

When we arrived my son very quickly saw that there was the cutest little froggy urinal in the bathroom and he must have spent half the birthday party in there trying to pee on the little water wheel.

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This little potty training urinal for boys has suckers so you can attach it onto tiles or glass which is really nifty. It is portable and easy to use and install.

If anyone is about to potty train their son I highly recommend you get one of these!

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  1. This is so cute…i love these for a boy it will just make potty training much easiers and fun. Ill be investing in one of these and those potty traininh chairs. Im sure potty traininh these days are abit easier with all the new potties and colours and pictures they put on makinh potty training fun and make the little ones excited

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