Mommies What’s for Supper?

I hate the daily question of What’s for Supper? I don’t know about other moms but having to cook a nutritious, tasty meal every day takes its toll on me. I run out of ideas and leave things to the last minute. When the end of the work day approaches I only then start trying to remember what meat I have in the freezer and what fresh veggies I have. Do I need to stop off at the shops to get something to complete the meal. Then I try and work out how much time I have from getting home until the meal needs to be ready and what I can get done with 2 kids hanging on me, fighting for my attention.

I need to get more organized and plan, I need balance! I am sure if I put more thought into it ahead of time it will make the whole daily routine a lot easier on me. One of the plans I had at the start of this year was to take food out the freezer the night before and chuck it in the slow cooker in the morning. The days I do remember this it makes the following day so much easier. I am also trying to get extra food cooked and frozen for those mommy days when I am too tired to get anything done after work so that I avoid getting take-aways.

Pre-kids I enjoyed cooking. I had the time to cook whatever I wanted. I only had to please myself and cook what I liked instead of taking into account a fussy 3 year old. I could finish cooking any time I liked instead of a deadline of 6h30pm and if the food isn’t ready by then I have 2 overtired, over hungry kids that refuse to eat and just scream and cry. And the best is if I didn’t feel like cooking I didn’t have to, now I have a family that needs a healthy meal every night!

Am I the only one with this daily terror looming over me, or do other mommies also struggle? What tips can you share that make this daily task easier?

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  1. I am not so much into cooking now that it’s warmer and my kitchen over heats. We don’t have the luxury of an air conditioned kitchen so that room gets very hot fast and it’s miserable to be in there. So I’m relying on a lot more easy fix meals, such as things that can be microwaved. I don’t know if that is the healthiest option but for the three brutal hot months of summer, it will have to do.

  2. I think we all struggle with this unless you have someone at home that prepares you food and you can just sit down and eat.

    But in real life thats not the case for most of us. To be honest some nights we eat 2minute noodles ? but really i only have 2minutes unless i want to start preparing food at 9 when baby is asleep.

    Its very difficult and i feel you mom but i think the best / other way to go is slow cooker food ?

  3. oh Lynne i agree that question whats for dinner? im also out of ideas but got the 2 new recipes from you to try that helps abit but ja its a struggle im not one that likes cooking everyday big meals when its summer we have alot of quick light meals sundays mornings before church i try take veggies out and stuff and make a balanced healthy meal winter we have more big meal as you get so hungry in this cold weather.

  4. Okay FoOd is my favorite so I dont have this kind of problem. I will opt from mac and cheese to cottage pie to bacon and egg to burgers to lasagne to roast chicken to braai to strfry to bangers mash and peas… My son absolutely loves brochili and he would eat it most nights instead of eating the meat of the dish that night

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