Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology can help to relieve soothe pain and discomfort your baby may have.

Lay your baby down, gently pushing down on certain parts of the feet. Massage gently increasing the pressure of your fingers each time you reach a certain pressure point on your baby’s foot.

Make this fun for your baby/toddler so he doesn’t become stressed.

Here are a few pressure points that you can target when your baby/toddler is showing signs of pain and discomfort:

Baby Reflexology Pressure Points

Please note that there are a lot of different views on baby reflexology but we found this one the best that explains it in detail.

Have you tried baby reflexology and what were the results?

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  1. wow – this is interesting – amazing actually. I will definitely try this. Only problem is, baby doesn’t usually like one to touch her feet?
    Perhaps if done correctly she will embrace it … I hope.
    She is teething terribly and it would be great if this could assist in soothing the pain for her.

    • Hi Noori, I haven’t tried it personally but it looks great. I have massaged both my babies, my daughter hated it and my son loves it. He loves any sort of touch. I think it really depends on each child.

  2. Have to try this!!!
    Especially the purple for teeth area

  3. Do you think babies get headaches?
    I suffer from terrible headaches. Ive been to so many doctors but everyone just say that its stress.

    Where should i press if i think she might have a headache?

  4. Thanks Lynne!!!

  5. This is very interesting now I know which spot to tagert

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