Baby Growth

5 Common Growth Spurt Ages in Baby’s First Year

Your baby can go through a growth spurt at any time, but these are the most common growth spurt ages during the first year:

2 – 3 weeks old

6 weeks old

3 months old

6 months old

9 months old

When did your bay go through growth spurts?

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  1. At 6 weeks.
    Dont know if it was a growth spurt but i couldnt put her down to sleep.
    The soon as i do that she starts crying.
    All she wanted was to be in my arms – all day and ALL night.

    • Marisca it is most likely a growth spurt, if your baby is especially fussy chances are it is teething or a growth spurt. Luckily a growth spurt doesn’t last too long and all you need to do is relax and feed your baby. I used to just use that time to rest and lie in bed with my baby.

  2. I was ignorent i didnt even knew what is the growth spurt now that i know i will just use this tips when i have anoyher child i will relax and feed my baby when he or she have a baby growth in future.

  3. Looking at this guideline i can now see that my boy had growth spurt in those months of age as i didnt know what ages and i also think just before 8 month but wasnt sure could hve been teething as the 2 top teeth came out. Its easy to misjudge say teething with growth spurt.

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