How To Swaddle Your Baby

Most babies just love to be swaddled and it is a great way to soothe your baby when they are fussing, it also really helps when you put your baby down to sleep.

Swaddling reminds your baby of being in the womb.

Here is an awesome video I found that shows you how to swaddle your baby.

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  1. awesome post i used to wrap my little one in his wrap arounds and he will be so relaxed and calm usefull for mommies that struggle to calm their babies

    • Both my babies loved being swaddled, I wish I had known about it as soon as my daughter was born but I only became aware of it a bit later on and I struggled with my daughter so much. Things got so much easier when I learned how to swaddle her. I have been meaning to share about swaddling for a while and was wondering how to explain it properly when I came across this awesome video!

  2. I wish my little one liked being swaddled. He hates his hands and feet being closed. If he needs soothing, we use a thin receiver blanket (we call it his magic blankie), throw it over him while he is lying on my chest and its not long before he is asleep and/or calm

    • On his face @ani1009 ? I’ve heard that lots of babies like something over their face while sleeping LOL

  3. Oh that video just make me realize how ready iam for my baby to arrive i can’t wait to to swaddle him/or her

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