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Lifegain Review – A fantastic Nutritional Supplement For Moms On The Go

When I worked with Lifegain earlier this year I was very interested in their nutritional supplements and keen to do a Lifegain review, so I put in a request for some samples. I was so excited when they were keen to send me a Lifegain hamper to try out. I’m always on the go and looking for ways to make my life easier, get the right nutrition and extra energy to get through my day. Read on for my Lifegain review.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Lifegain Review

What Is Lifegain?

Lifegain is an all-in-one advanced nutritional supplement for people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as people that need additional nutritional support due to injury, illness, hospitalisation or age. Lifegain offers high levels of nutrition that helps your body maintain normal physical and emotional functions in a convenient and tasty way, perfect people on the go.

The benefits of Lifegain include:

  • high in energy
  • high in protein to assist with muscle strength
  • High in essential vitamins, minerals and omega 3 to restore and maintain health and vitality
  • Fibre and glutamine are good for digestive support
  • Trans fat, gluten, lactose and cholesterol free
  • No added sugar

One serving of Lifegain contains the following:

  • 15g triple protein blend
  • 2.5g glutamine
  • 234mg calcium
  • 6mg zinc
  • 8mg iron
  • 287 potassium
  • 1.4g fibre
  • 27mg sodium
  • 61mg isoflavones
  • over 60% of the recommended amounts for 12 vitamins and 40% for 8 minerals
  • 548µg vitamin A
  • 60mg vitamin C
  • 9µg vitamin D3
  • 165mg phosphorous

I received the following products from Lifegain:

  • 1 kg Lifegain Advanced Nutritional Supplement – Chocolate Flavour
  • 300g Lifegain Advanced Nutritional Supplement – Cappuccino Flavour
  • 300g Lifegain Advanced Nutritional Supplement – Vanilla Flavour
  • 400g Replace – Your Meal In A Glass – Vanilla Flavour
  • 200g Lifegain Glutamine Repair & Recovery – Unflavoured
  • 300g Lifegain Junior Advanced Nutritional Supplement – Vanilla Flavour

Lifegain supplement

My Lifegain Review

A few weeks back I got the flu and it hit me so hard. Lifegain really came to my rescue, I had no appetite for food and I was incredibly week, but I was able to stomach Lifegain shakes. I believe it helped me recover, keep my strength and get back on track quicker than I would have been able to without it.

I am not into hardcore exercising but I do like to be active and I hike regularly. When I went away two weeks ago to 22 Waterfalls my body took strain with the climbing and I could feel the burn big time afterwards. It gave me the opportunity to put the Lifegain Glutamine Repair & Recovery supplement to the test. I added it to morning smoothies for a few days and I felt better very quickly.

I’m loving the Lifegain Replace which is a meal replacement. While I don’t believe at all that replacing meals with a shake is a good thing to do for every meal all the time I do find that there are plenty of days where I am running around and don’t get a chance to eat. This is perfect to make sure that I get in some good nutrition on the go on those days.

The Lifegain Junior supplement is also amazing. I don’t know about you but when my kids don’t eat properly it worries me that they are not getting in enough of the right nutrition. This supplement gives me peace of mind. They love the shakes on their own and I also slipped some into my kids’ yoghurt one afternoon when they had not eaten enough that day.

I love that Lifegain can be added easily just to milk or water and it tastes great, or I can get more creative and add it to my smoothies or yoghurt. The vanilla, cappuccino and chocolate flavours are all fantastic, with the chocolate being my favourite one. I did not get sent any strawberry flavoured ones to try out but while I love strawberries I’m not usually fond of strawberry flavoured products unless it’s in yoghurt or smoothies.

Lifegain is perfect for moms, we are always on the go and needing that extra boost. You can buy Lifegain from Clicks, Dischem, Wellness Warehouse and Takealot.

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  1. Lifegain is definitely life saver
    I love the fact that it has different flavors to choose from and suitable for the whole family

  2. Shupikai matenhese

    Really need this life gain, love it has all the nutrients

  3. Life gain one of the best sellers its has everything you need in it and all the nutrients aswell it comes in different flavors and tqste amazing its a good meal replacement #number 1

  4. I really need this for energy

  5. Tshegofatso Washington

    Love Lifegain!

  6. Looks like lifegain is the product I need for nutrition. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. Lifegain is so healthy,I really like it for my family.❤️❤️

  8. I think I must go and look for this product in stores and try it out myself!

  9. Bring “underweight” for most of my life, I have been looking into anything that will help me gain a little weight. It’s so infuriating being looked at as a teenager when I am in fact a grandma already, only thing that really give my age away is my frown lines lol….I would like to try this product.

  10. Hoping to win.

  11. Lifegain is amazing as my late dad used to have it when he was very unwell and unable to eat normal helped him much nutrients to help someone that’s unwell with no strength or energy..I would love to win this for my cousin’s mum who is undergoing chemo and currently taking this

  12. I basically have lifegain once a day as I have lost so much weight due to my mom becoming ill and not having time to eat a meal, Lifegain has definitely kept me going and given me the strength I need to look after my mom PLUS my granddaughter, then still do washing cooking cleaning etc at night.

  13. Colleen Perrow Hogan

    Would love to try lifegain ,holding all my digits

  14. I love this product as we use it for my 86yr old gran as a meal replacement. I would love to win this and try it for myself.

  15. I pray to win this gift..fingers crossed

  16. Hi there…. Being over weight & after being on a eating less diet for the past 8 months (I lost 16kg so far)… I feel so much better however I feel I’ve also compromised my health by eating less food and taking in less vitamins and minerals obtained from food… Therefore Lifegain is an excellent substitute for replacing those extra vitamins and minerals for a healthier me…. I just love the strawberry flavour!! Thanks Lynn love your review. Chrismarie Fourie

    • Well done on your amazing weight loss Chrismarie, that really is inspiring! Lifegain will be a fantastic thing for you to help you get in the right nutrition.

      • frances engelbrecht

        I have seen life gain by my mom for the first time and still believe that this helped her got stronger as she was determined to get healthy again after her stroke , I started using it and it helped me as wel during the time I had cancer , this is amazing how nutritional this is and use this everyday , believe in nothing else, thank you lifegain I believe u are a lifesaver in all walks of life , would need a little help by winning this , wow thanks for the chance to enter a competition

      • I’m so glad to hear that Lifegain has been a lifesaver for you and your mom! I’m loving it too

  17. Lifegain its really setting the bar high ,i love the cappuccino flavor i think its taste great.

  18. Sibongile Skosana

    I am trying out LifeGain Glutamine Repair and Recovery Supplement. Got myself one this morning?.

  19. Lifegain is life

  20. I definitely want to try this lifegain product I haven’t tried it.
    To bring back my energy level
    It’s looks amazing products

  21. I would really like to be given the privilege of winning this one simple because I am lifegain started taking this supplements when I was pregnant couldn’t take anything nothing was going down was then introduced to it it’s been my ever since supplement although sometimes I rely on vouchers /discount to buy it but it’s worth it.

  22. I would really like to try this product as I’m type 2 Diabetic

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