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11 Fun Mom Business Ideas

If you are looking for some new fun mom business ideas to give you some inspiration to start your own business from home look no further. Being a business owner can be time consuming, but if you are a stay-at-home mom that is considering starting your own business while spending more quality time with your children and family, there are plenty of options at your disposal.

There are countless successful mompreneurs out there that have turned their passions into businesses and are earning an income while doing something that they love. Here are some fun mom business ideas that you can consider.

11 Fun Mom Business Ideas

Fun Mom Business Ideas


Starting your own mom blog provides you with some flexibility to write about things you feel passionate about in your own time. If you love cooking and are always coming up with easy and tasty family recipes, you can write about it and share your recipes with fellow moms. If you have plenty of family-related or parenting tips that you would like to share with others, then you can start a parenting blog. The options are endless.

Once your blog has gained some followers and people started engaging with you, you can also dabble with the idea of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers work alongside brands to promote their services and products online. 

Freelance Writing

With so many websites out there and with the internet offering plenty of opportunities for content writing, copywriting has become immensely popular and offers an excellent way of earning money. If you have a knack for writing and your grammar and spelling skills are on target, you can consider becoming a freelance professional editor. You can also write blog posts for publications and other blogs to earn extra cash.

Children’s Book Writer

If you love to illustrate and write and have a talent for coming up with good stories, why not write your own children’s book. You can first share your stories on ebook applications and if they are a hit with the crowds, you can publish them later.

Event Planner

Event planning is another business idea that offers flexibility. You can offer your services to businesses for corporate events, or you can help couples to put together their wedding. There are various events that you can help plan and execute while getting paid.

Ecommerce Reselling

The world of Ecommerce is huge and there are always wholesale clothing vendors that welcome resellers to distribute their apparel. You can advertise the products on platforms like eBay and if you already have a blog with plenty of followers, why not give kids wholesale clothing reselling a go?

Baking business


If cooking and baking is your passion and you love creating culinary delights, you can turn this passion into a successful business by selling your goods at local retailers or bake shops, or you can start a company as a caterer and sell platters and baked goods for corporate functions or family events.

Professional Photography

This business idea also offers flexibility, as you can take on clients over weekends or on days that suits you best, and do the editing during weekdays. You can take photos at corporate or family events, or you can give portrait photography a go. You can schedule clients at available slots that suit them and you, and do your admin and editing work from home.

Errand Services

There are plenty of elderly people or those with busy schedules that would jump at the opportunity of hiring someone to take care of daily errands like dry cleaning or grocery shopping.

Bookkeeping Services

Now that more and more companies use online accounting software, the demand for full-time bookkeepers to manage their accounts has lessened. This is good news for someone like you that has accounting experience and is looking for a freelance hustle to earn extra income. You can offer your services at a lower price than full-time accounting agencies and start building your own client database.

Turning Crafts Into a Booming Business

There are various ways on how you can use your crafts to make extra money. You can advertise your homemade goods on platforms like Etsy, eBay, or Facebook, and you can sell them at local bazaars, flea markets and craft fairs. You can also begin your own craft blog and share tutorials on YouTube for crafts you make. Or, you can do all three.

Craft business

Graphic Designer

You will be surprised at how many business opportunities there are available for skilled graphic designers. You can work as a freelance illustrator or graphic designer. Plus you can hone your skills to create your own line of printables, stationary, or web design templates. The opportunities are endless. You can also use your skills for more specialized fields like infographics, logo design, or annual reports.


We hope you have enjoyed our post about fun mom business ideas and that it has provided you with some inspiration and motivation to start your own business from home and earn extra income while spending more time with your family.

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  1. I have been baking a lot since Covid-19 started and my baking skills have improved. I think it’s about time I use my skill to make money. Thanks for the tips.

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