Latest Activewear Clothes Trends For Females in 2019

Latest Activewear Clothes Trends For Females in 2019

A big part of going to the gym or working out, in general, is to feel and look your best wearing fashionable yet comfortable clothes. In recent years, with so many advancements in, workout wear has come a long way as well. The days of belted leotards are long gone and now companies are designing the workout wear for women keeping in mind about both, fashion and function. Do you know, as per recent study, women activewear market is expected to reach around $216,868 Million by the end of 2025.

Here we have gathered the latest activewear clothes trends for women in 2019.

Mesh Panels

Last year, the mesh panels were a huge trend and this year your favorite mesh panels are coming to sports bras and tops. Mesh panels are the perfect examples of fashion working hand in hand with functionality, these panels allow you to have some breathing room with a sprinkle of sexiness. Chic cutouts tend to draw a lot of attention wherever they are, and here they are giving all of us the proper ventilation we need in some style.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is known to add a bit of life to all the basic blacks and greys that have been dominating the athletic wear market. Color chunks, bright stripes, and bold patchwork add vibrancy to your workout and your wardrobe. You need to on this trend in 2019 with some neutral pants with colored-blocked calves or a bold and sexy color-blocked top for your workout sessions.

Brightly colored shoes

There is a very common phrase that says “history repeats itself” and the fashion industry has proven it time and time again. All the bright colors from the ’80s are making a comeback, however, this time they are doing it on your feet! The shoe racks are being taken over by the sherbet-colored shoes which are in the shades of yellow, orange, and green. Along with a number of gym apparel, it is nice to add a dash of color to your wardrobe. Know more about it here.

Track is back

Remember the tracksuits in the ‘90s? Well, if you do, they are making a huge comeback. The difference is, this time they are much more flattering and fitted but still provide the same level of comfort to your body while working out. You can mix and match workout leggings with the track cropped jackets, or you can go for a more pulled- together look with the same pattern on your outfit.

Matching bottoms and tops

If you are wearing a matching gear while working out, it is always easy to get dressed and ready for your workout. You can easily achieve effortless style by just putting on a matching sports bra and top along with the same print leggings that match to the top.

Metallic prints

Now you can sparkle as you are sweating while working out with the help of metallic prints. These little shiny pieces will make a big statement and will also make you feel fancy while you are working out. You can see this shiny trend everywhere from sports bras to metallic jackets. The metallic prints are sure to give your activewear clothes in 2019 a very glossy finish. If you feel like the all over glossy look is too much for you, then you can always have just a workout bag or a water bottle with metallic prints that are bound to make you feel like a rockstar and motivate you further in your workout sessions.

Bike shorts

The bike shorts are not just great if you are cycling, these shorts are also very comfortable and amazing while doing yoga, playing tennis or plain old cardio. The bike shorts are high waisted which will give you a sculpting and a lifting look which then you can pair with a very comfortable oversized tee or even a crop top.

Branded bands

Branded bands on your pant waistbands, sports bras, and pant side are going to showcase the athletic side of yourself while working out and they will also be showing off your favorite brand. So it is a win-win if you are in the mood to flex and workout feeling confident and comfortable.

So friends, here are some latest trends in women activewear clothes. All set to give it a try?

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