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Keep On and Power Up Immunity and Antioxidants

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to teach us tough lessons and it’s an ongoing fight. The bigger picture is that whether we are travelling, at work, home or school, our bodies are continuously responding to tiny organisms that can cause disease. Germs like viruses and bacteria are everywhere, and it is our immune system which protects us.

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Keep on and Power Up Immunity and Antioxidants

While there is no magic “healthy pill”, there are proven ways to boost our immunity superpowers.

Proper face masking, frequent handwashing and sanitising and social distancing are a good start. But there’s more we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones against threats to our health and wellbeing:

      1. Support your immune system with good nutrition that is packed with immune boosting nutrients and a variety of antioxidants. Eat at least two fruits and four portions of veggies a day. The deeper the yellow, orange, red or purple colours of fresh produce the better.
      2. Move more, especially if you are in a sedentary job. It has been shown that fewer sick days are taken by people who do regular aerobic exercise. Even 20 minutes of brisk walking for five or more days a week boosts our immunity.
      3. Immune RenderSleep is essential for good health.  Quality sleep helps us to be more resilient to everyday stress and, improves energy and moods.
      4. Supplement with protective antioxidants. A one-a-day, every day, immune boosting nutritional supplement like Nativa Immune Complex® contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral and herbals. These provide antioxidant protection and help strengthen natural immune defences. Around R126 for a month’s supply.Nativa Complex Vitamin C Supplements
      5. Power up with extra Vitamin C when health needs or stress levels increase, if smoking, or during a change of season. High dose Vitamin C supports immune function and offers antioxidant protection to help maintain good health. Have a look at Nativa Complex Vitamin DNativa’s new Vitamin C range. It is suitable for children from 4 years old. 500 mg Vitamin C (from 4 years of age). 1000 mg Vitamin C (from 9 years of age). Around R80.
      6. Add in some sunshine power with Nativa Vitamin D3 which is essential for immunity, bone and brain health, and muscle function. Vitamin D3 is of value particularly for those who get little sun exposure or who have dark skins. 1000IU Vit-D (from 6 years of age) around R100.

All products are available from Takealot, Dis-Chem, Clicks and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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  1. Best mommy advice and support group.
    Love this so much

  2. It is so important to get good vitamins and nutrients into your body now

  3. This is great especially since were moving to level 1.we have to stick up on this and drink almost everyday to fight this covid

    • Oh yes Nthabiseng, I am also super stoked about Ramaphosa’s announcement last night about moving to level 1 restrictions, but this thing is far from over so we need to still be super vigilant and stay safe. Plus with winter on the way we need to start ensuring our bodies are in top shape when it comes to immunity!

  4. Nativa is a trusted brand and I must say that the prices are reasonable. They are really worth taking to give the immune system a boost.

    • For sure Mbavhalelo and the great price is perfect right now, we all need to look after our health but with reduced incomes and job losses we need to do that at a good price.

      • Monique Mentoor

        Covid-19 taught me how vitally important self-care is. As moms we can’t pour from an empty cup and too often we give 100% to our families and do nothing for ourselves. A good diet, exercise, enough sleep and taking the correct vitamins certainly strengthens our immune systems to protect us against ills and chills while also promoting optimal vitality and wellbeing.

  5. Thank you for this. Was wondering this morning what I could get to keep my immune system boosted.

    • Yes Mariska, the Nativa Complex Range is superb for boosting your immune system!

      • Never heard of Nativa before but am definitely sure to be on the look out & try it for sure! Always on the look out for different products to try. Sounds like an awesome product too!

    • Best mommy advice and thank you

  6. It’s good to support your immune system because you know that you are well protected from most diseases and bacteria ❤️ thank you for this

  7. Wonderful…we need nativa to boost our imune systems…Covid is far from over…we must take care of ourselves..thanks for this Article…im definitly going to get Nativa

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I know Colleen, it is getting so tiring now even with Lockdown level 1 being implemented now. I can’t wait for the day we can pack away our masks, but until then we have to keep on going and look after our health!

  8. Awesome page good advice – healthy bodies healthy babies

  9. Awesome Page

  10. Yvette Diane Van Der Berg

    Its good to support your immune system. I learned that the hard way when I got Coxsackie Virus on November 2019.

  11. Love this support group!

  12. Definitely need to purchase some vitamins.

  13. How lovely 😍

  14. Pravitha Pursan

    Simply amazing, thanks for all the information

  15. Michelle Van Rooyen

    We have been using a multi vitamin, aswell as Vitamin C, and we haven’t been ill for the last year💕

  16. Tersia Bredenhand

    R126. Oer month to boost your immune system and taking care of your body is a very good price. Thank you 🙏🙏

  17. Would love to get this for me and my family especially with the winter season approaching

  18. Just entered for the 500 takealot voucher what an amazing give away 😊

  19. Marcus Hendricks

    Since last year we have been boosting our kids immune system more than ever. I can only say thank you to the almighty since this entire pandemic started we have not been visiting the medical practice as often as we usually did thanks to the immune boosters. Love it.

  20. Vitamin C is one of my staple everyday vitamins! Unfortunately it caused me to have Braxton Hicks in my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy ( I was taking 500mg/day). I had to change to 500mg 2x weekly unfortunately. But at least I was still getting something!

  21. Boosting certain vitamins with supplements, is a good thing, however, I believe eating healthy, natural foods, is the first step to a healthier life. I believe if you do such, adding supplements, won’t be necessary.

  22. In such a stressful time, adding another expense is difficult so a good immune booster at a reasonable price is great. Gives you that extra sense of comfort

    • Hi didn’t know Nativa was so awesome with so many benefits my hubby n I are currently on Xtreme C multivitamin and my kids are on zinplex however I will definitely love to try Nativa once this is finished

  23. My whole family gets Vitamin C aswell as a Multivitamin 😉 can’t take a chance on our immune system not working properly when illnesses come.

  24. Good healthy habits means a good mind and body. Thank you for the tips Lynne.

  25. Great advice. It’s so important to strengthen our immunity! Who has time to get sick?

  26. Estelle van Wilgen

    Love the blogs. Supplements has become part of my routine!

  27. Thank you so much for this ,will definitely include these supplements in my next shop, one can never have enough supplements

  28. Will definitely be looking into the Nativa range for our whole family to up our immune systems for the winter.

  29. I love the page teaches us a lot as we are mommies ❤️ thank you guys

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