Jordan Green Clean

Jordan’s Green Clean Rated Top Sustainable Toothbrush

A major player in oral care, Jordan, recently topped the polls when its Green Clean toothbrush was lauded as Top in Sustainable Toothbrushes.

Jordan Green Clean, with its recycled plastic handle, renewable bio-based bristles and 100% recycled packaging, beat out all competitors including bamboo offerings. The Test results make clear that users of Jordan’s Green Clean can achieve sparkling pearly-whites with a sound green conscience.

In leading European newspaper, Politiken, dental academic Michael Renè and sustainable lifestyle guru Louise Thustrup, were unanimous that Jordan’s ergonomically-designed, recycled, disposable toothbrush offers the most effective Green Clean for the mouth, outperforming its peers (including bamboo) in not only durability and hygiene, but also sustainability. “The brushes are nice and dense, and the shape makes it easy to reach around in the mouth. I am confident that this cleans the best…” say the reviewers in the Test comments.

Jordan’s Green Clean dominated the Consumer Test as the only sustainable and eco-friendly toothbrush to score a perfect 6/6.

Jordan’s Green Clean is available for both kids and adults from selected Clicks, DisChem and PnP stores nationwide.

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