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Is Chiropractic Safe While Pregnant?

Chiropractic treatment has been used for a really long time, but it has only been getting the mainstream recognition in the recent years and decades. For instance, the US Olympic medical team has employed a chiropractor since 1980, and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio saw another milestone when William Moreau, a chiropractor, was appointed the Chief Medical Officer of the US Olympic Team.

is chiropractic safe while pregnant

Nowadays, people are more willing to try out new lines of treatment, as well as refrain from taking strong medication when there is no need. However, when it comes to pregnancy, most future moms are extra careful with their health, doing everything from cutting coffee and alcohol, to following the doctor’s instructions to the letter.

Even women who had previously had chiropractic treatment are wary of the procedure when pregnant, largely due to the lack of information. Experts at Fix Body Group decide to share some insight why chiropractic is completely safe and even beneficial in more than one way.

It’s Non-Invasive

The first thing you need to know about chiropractic is that it is non-invasive and that it largely relies on realigning the spine and other joints so that they do not interfere with the body’s natural functioning. Relieving stress from nerves and joints is the primary way that chiropractic affects your body. That means that your baby won’t be affected by it in any way, but it can relieve a lot of pain and discomfort to you, leading to a much more relaxed and pleasant pregnancy.

No Drugs Are Involved

One of the biggest hang-ups towards medical treatment pregnant women have concerns the use of drugs, particularly opioid painkillers. This leads to many women actually dealing with pain without any medication in order to protect their unborn child. Although it is a prudent decision not to take opioid drugs, there are other options to explore. Chiropractic serves, among other things, to relieve pain. Even though it is not effective against all kinds of pain, chiropractic treatment can still be very effective during pregnancy.

Chiropractors Are Trained for It

All chiropractors are trained to perform their craft on any patient, of course, while taking into account the specifics of each individual. Case in point, a chiropractor cannot be certified without training with pregnant women as well. That being said, if you don’t feel confident going to a general practice chiropractor, you should know that there are some who specialize in prenatal care as well as those who focus on the postnatal care and helping women return to their natural state as quickly as possible.

Make Sure They Are Certified and Skilled

If you are looking for a chiropractor who has trained specifically to work with pregnant women, there are some skills and techniques which you should pay attention to. Webster Certificate tells you that the chiropractor is familiar with the Webster Technique, which has been developed by the founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). This technique involves adjustments to the pelvic region in order to relieve some stress from the uterus.

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This technique will not only help the woman feel better, it can also help prevent or correct the breech position. A case study has shown that this technique has been successful in turning the baby into the desired birth position in as many as 82% of the times it was used.

Special Certificates

Any chiropractor with an ICPA membership has taken a closer interest in this kind of care and should be better suited to help you than a general practice chiropractor. CACCP is a certificate which signifies that the chiropractor has an advanced knowledge of chiropractic medicine aimed at pregnant women, while DACCP stands for the highest level of training in this specific field.

If experts with these certificates are available in your area, they are likely to provide better care to you, as well as have some equipment which is specifically adjusted for pregnant women and finally, they are likely to give you some advice and exercises you can do on your own.

Chiropractic Helps with a Lot of Different Things

As mentioned before, chiropractic treatment can help you have an easier, healthier pregnancy by focusing on pain and discomfort which come as a direct consequence of pregnancy. The misalignment of the pelvis is a good example of that. However, chiropractic doesn’t stop just there. It has many other functions which can help anyone and everyone, including pregnant women.

Managing nausea is probably one of the most vexing parts of pregnancy, but more than half of women need to deal with this problem daily during pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment can actually reduce or completely eliminate the nausea. Finally, joint and neck pain are one of the staples of chiropractor business and are treated regularly, regardless of the source of the problem. Women’s posture tends to change during pregnancy to accommodate the baby and these changes don’t always go over very well in the rest of the body.

If you need more information before you decide to go through with the treatment, you can consult this article https://www.fixbodygroup.com/chiropractor/rancho-penasquitos/san-diego/.

Always Consult Your Doctor

Even though chiropractic is considered safe and non-invasive, notify your primary care physician that you want to undergo chiropractic treatment. If you don’t know a good chiropractor in your area, chances are that your doctor will know one. As chiropractic becomes more accepted, stronger bonds between the doctors and chiropractors are formed. In fact, you are better off following your doctor’s advice because they have likely had previous experiences with chiropractors and know which ones are good and can be trusted.

Your doctor might recommend that you refrain from visiting a chiropractor, however, nowadays it happens less often and is typically reserved for complicated pregnancies and situations when your doctor would prefer if you stayed away from strenuous activities. Pregnancy is largely a rewarding and life-altering experience, but it can have its drawbacks as well. However, learning to overcome those drawbacks can be as simple as talking to your physician and taking their advice.

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