Strengthen Your Kids Teeth

How To Strengthen Your Kids Teeth

Your enamel is what keeps your teeth strong, but many foods and lifestyle choices can cause your kids enamel to weaken. Luckily, there is a lot you can do to ensure your kids enamel doesn’t erode. Some simple changes can make a big difference, here are some of the techniques you can use to strengthen your teeth.

Use The Right Toothpaste

With so much choice, it can be hard to find a toothpaste that is going to make a real difference. Look for a paste that contains fluoride. Fluoride strengthens teeth via rebuilding enamel and protects against tooth decay.

Kids teeth

Reduce Sugar Intake

Sweets and fizzy drinks increase the acid levels in your mouth, and these acids can weaken your enamel over time. Making sensible choices about your snacks in between meals and not repeatedly eating foods that are bad for your teeth can help your teeth stay strong. You can also rinse your mouth with a bit of water after eating.

Ask Your Dentist

Your dentist can do a lot to improve the strength of your teeth—even a few things you might not have considered. For instance, straightening your teeth can actually make them stronger. If your smile is a bit crooked, speak to your local dentist for Invisalign treatment in Midtown Manhattan.


You can do more to improve the health of your teeth than just remove foods from your diet. You can also add foods with the right nutrients to keep them healthy. Look to get calcium and Zinc into your diet to make sure you are protecting the enamel that you have. Foods high in zinc include oysters, red meat, and dairy. For calcium, broccoli, almonds, and kale are excellent choices.

Improve Oral Health

A good oral health routine is more than just remembering to brush and using a good toothbrush. You need to brush in the right way as well. The recommended amount is twice a day for two minutes at a time. Combine this with regular flossing and make sure you visit your dentist for regular checkups.


Don’t Grind Your Teeth

Teeth grinding is a habit for many people, but once you know how bad it is for your teeth, you will want to reverse it. Grinding your teeth severely damages your enamel. It can also affect your gums and even the bone that supports them. It is one of the most common reasons adults lose their teeth, so it is no surprise that it can affect enamel as well.

Choose Sugar-Free

Sugar-free gum and drinks not only reduce your sugar intake but also can directly benefit your teeth. Gum, in particular, has its own benefits. The increase of saliva in your mouth as a result of chewing is useful and can help to prevent tooth decay. The sugar undoes this good work if you choose a regular gum.

Given that there are so many things that can negatively impact your oral health, taking a few steps to protect it can really help. All the tips above are a great start.

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