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How to Run for the First Time

“Start jogging in the mornings” – this phrase often opens a standard New Year’s resolutions list.

Some people are planning to begin on Monday, others are waiting for a new month. Also, this point usually appears on a typical mom’s to-do list shortly after giving birth to their child.

It’s not surprising if you also tried to push yourself to the running path but failed on that. So, what’s the reason most people give up during their first time running, and others can’t even force themselves to start? Why is running so hard some days and how to make it a piece of cake?

How To Run For The First Time

The answer is here:

  1. Start Small

Don’t strike your subconscious with unrealistic goals – start small, gradually increasing your distances and overall workload.

To break that barrier in your head, just put on a pair of sneakers and your favorite sports outfit and just go for a walk. Yes, the best variant of first time running is… walking!

Walk a lot, constantly speeding up and switching on running sometimes.

Here’s a great example of how to move from walking to running during 10 weeks:

Week 1: 2 min running + 4 min walking

Week 2: 3 min running + 3 min walking

Week 3: 4 min running + 2 min walking

Week 4: 5 min running + 3 min walking

Week 5: 7 min running + 3 min walking

Week 6: 8 min running + 2 min walking

Week 7: 9 min running + 1 min walking

Week 8: 13 min running + 2 min walking

Week 9: 14 min running + 1 min walking

Week 10: Only running.

  1. Warm Up

A proper warm-up makes the running experience easier and minimizes the risk of injuries, which is an issue of great importance.

In addition, a warm-up is much more than just the way to activate the muscles and increase the flow of blood. It also launches our neuromuscular system, so that the brain gives the command to our muscles, which contract in turn and get ready for a run. Fat-burning enzymes activate and our aerobic system starts working efficiently.

A 5-minute walk or a set of simple exercises are a great variant of a warm-up.

Also, it’s essential to slow down your activity at the end of your workout instead of a sudden stop. So, you should walk for a couple of minutes after your run too.

  1. Turn the Music On

Why is running so hard some days? Maybe, it’s just too boring for you? Spice up this monotonous and hard activity with your favorite playlist in the earphones and enjoy!

Also, busy moms who like multitasking as an awesome way to save valuable time can try listening to podcasts or audiobooks while running.

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  1. Find Someone of Like Minds

Are you a people person? Agitate your family or friends to share this healthy activity with you.

Also, finding somebody of like minds will be a great way to motivate yourself to keep doing when you’re ready to give up.

  1. Write a Running Diary

A cooking diary, a housework diary, a work diary, a list of things to do… If women stick so much to writing things down, why not to try writing down your running progress?

This kind of documentation will help to plan and set goals, motivate yourself, see your achievements, and definitely, cope with the fear of running.

  1. Watch Your Technique

At least, to prevent your first time running injuries, make sure that you know the right technique and follow these key rules:

  • Land on the forefoot area.
  • Lean the body slightly forward.
  • The lower back is straight.
  • Make a 90 degrees’ elbows bend.
  • Relax the neck.
  • Head and the body make a straight line.
  • Look forward, not down.


  • What season is the best to run for the first time?

If you’re planning to run outside, the ideal period is spring and the beginning of summer. The day is long, it’s rather warm, not hot and not chilly, and the rainy weather is unlikely.

  • Should I run in the morning or in the evening?

It’s completely up to you. The only issue is to stick to the same time – if you choose jogging at 8 a.m., you should always do it around 8 a.m. If you decide to go running after work, do it regularly in the evening – so that your body is ready.

  • Should I buy special footwear for running?

Definitely, yes! Unless you wanna hurt your feet and get an injury along with such painful conditions as plantar fasciitis, bad knees, back pain, you should wear sneakers meant for running.

Moreover, your footwear should be maximally adjusted to your foot: wide or narrow, overpronating or underpronating, flat – do you know everything about yours? See more on  thecrossfitshoes.com/11-best-cheap-running-shoes/

  • What to wear?

Choose comfortable clothes made of moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics and special sports underwear. Follow the rule to wear one layer of clothing less than you usually do according to the weather.

  • Should I run every day?

No, you shouldn’t.

Leave everyday runs to professionals, and beginners need more time for full physical and emotional recovery. Don’t wanna get depressed and exhausted because of jogging? Do it no more than three times per week.

  • Should I have a special diet?

Your diet can be just the same as you’re used to (hopefully, it’s balanced?). However, it’s important not to eat right before the workout (do it at least half an hour before).

Also, it’s a great idea to include carbs to your diet: simple carbs (bananas, peanut butter) an hour before the run, complex carbs (cereal) 2-3 hours before your workout.

  • Can I drink during the run?

Yes, you can if you’re on a long distance run. In case you’re running on short distances, you’d better drink right after you finish.

It’s Never Late to Start

Remember that you’re never too old, too busy or too fat to start running. You don’t have to run like a marathoner, you don’t have to meet somebody else’s expectations, all you need is to do what you like while living your full mom’s life.

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