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How to Make Your Home Work for a Growing Family

As your family grows, does your home need to? This question can be difficult to answer, but more often than not the answer is “no,” your existing space can often work for you and your loved ones with just minor tweaking.

It’s not surprising that the number-one reason people sell their homes is because they feel they’re too small as their family size increases. But this statistic doesn’t need to make you pack up and leave as soon as your space begin feeling a little tight.

No matter how your family is expanding, whether you’re expecting a new son or daughter, twins, you’re moving in with your spouse, or you’re expanding your fur family, you can make your current homework for your needs. You don’t have to knock down walls or feel like you’re living on top of one another, either.

Try out these tips and tricks to make your space feel more expansive.

How to make your family home work for a growing family

A One-Bedroom with a Baby

Before you break your lease and trade in your one-bedroom for a two-bedroom just before the baby arrives, you can reconfigure your bedroom layout so its newborn-friendly. Try decluttering your space by getting rid of clothes you don’t wear and outdated knickknacks. If you can remove a dresser or make more room in your closet, you can find the room for a crib or convertible changing table that will work for your baby.

Set aside space in your room once you declutter to make a mini nursery. Give your baby’s space a complimentary color-scheme, so it works with your existing decor and place an area rug strategically to designate space separation. Be sure to put up some nursery decor to bring a bit more joy into the room.

You’ll be thankful you don’t have to walk as far to change a diaper or feed the baby in the middle of the night. If your space is still not right for the little tike, but a two-bedroom is too pricey, try a larger one-bedroom. You can find a wonderful one-bedroom upgrade that will work better as your baby grows.

More Kids Than Bedrooms

As the number of your offspring increases, you may be able to keep your current place and make adjustments for the new baby.

Try a closet nursery in your bed or in your older child’s bedroom. You can paint the closet walls a light, bright color, include a crib, and some kids’ decor and add a dresser elsewhere to store the initial contents of the closet.

Plan for bunk beds in the long-term or a trundle to leave your kids enough floor space to play.

Try a petite crib. Your baby doesn’t need a lot of space, especially when they’re newborn. Get a smaller crib or a uniquely shaped crib to give your space a better layout.

Multipurpose or double duty furniture is a great way to work with your existing furniture and save room. Add a changing platform and storage on top of your bedroom dresser or find a convertible option to add to your baby’s crib.

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How Much Room Does a Dog Require?

If you’re considering getting your first canine companion, you may need to account for how much room your pup needs.

Not having a yard can deter some people from choosing the perfect pooch, but walking your dog is a great way to bond, ensure she’s getting enough exercise, and provide you with a few extra steps every day. Avoid dog-walk burnout by changing your route from time-to-time and exploring nearby parks.

Before owning a dog, many new pet parents are caught off guard with how much space our special friends require. You should expect to make enough room for a dog bed, their food, a watering station, room for your dog to frolic and play, and a storage area for leashes, harnesses, dog sweaters and towels, and toys.

A dual-purpose ottoman is a great place to stash those messy dog toys. And an over the door rack works well for leashes.

The Big Spousal Move-In

When you first move in with your significant other, you can get buried in belongings. You have to plan ahead and plan to purge and declutter. You don’t need two sofas in your living room or two beds in your bedroom. Decide which will work better for the space or you find a more comfortable option and donate the other.

You can also pare back on your clothes to make room in your dresser or closet. Other things you can consider consolidating or purging include extra dishes, pots and pans, towels, toiletries, and books.

As you’re making the room work for you both, make sure each of you has your own space get away and enjoy a little privacy.

Bringing home a new baby or expanding your family in other ways is a great opportunity to consider what you need to have a happy home. Don’t stress if your space isn’t perfect right away–it will take time.

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