How To Make A Diaper Stroller

Ok so this video showing how to make a diaper stroller is both absolutely brilliant and one of the most stupid things I have seen when it comes to diaper gifts.

The thing is that when you make a diaper cake or a diaper stroller or any other type of diaper gift the entire point of it is so that the mom to be gets diapers, the fact that you have made it into a cake or stroller or something else creative makes it fun and interesting.

The way that she glues every single nappy with a glue gun in this video just ruins the entire thing in my opinion, what an atrocious waste of nappies. If I got a glue gunned diaper stroller I would be pretty peeved off.

Anyway that said you can still follow her process and use rubber bands and get creative with attaching the diapers in a way that doesn’t trash every single diaper.

I know she says that her diaper strollers can withstand being played with by a two year old, but that wouldn’t be my goal personally. I would create it to be pulled apart and used as diapers on a baby’s bum.

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  1. I could not agree more about the stupidity of this concept. The only way this makes sense is not as a shower gift but as a toy for a recently potty trained toddler. That way, you’re not wasting nappies but making use of the ones you now have lying around. Personally, I prefer to just give a mom-to-be as big a bag of nappies as I can afford because we all know what a massive expense they can be.

    • LOL I know right? I was wetting myself laughing at her using that glue gun. Anyway each to her own right? But the concept is really awesome if you just use another method to put it together so you don’t waste all those nappies!

  2. Thats a cute stroller but i wouldn’t use it as toy diapers are expensive

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