Predo Baby Diapers Review

Predo Baby Diapers Review

Recently I was contacted by Predo Baby and asked to review their Predo Baby diapers. I was quite surprised since I had honestly never seen Predo Baby diapers online or offline. So I was very interested to see the quality of these diapers.

When they arrived I opened up the pack to have a look. Just from the packaging you can see that this is a premium quality diaper. Taking them out and inspecting them the first thing I noticed was the lovely stretch on the tabs. Call me crazy but this is something that I love when it comes to nappies.

The other thing I noticed is that the diapers are thin and soft.

Predo Baby Diapers

In case you didn’t know I am a big fan of high quality diapers, I used Pampers Premium for my daughter and I used Huggies Gold for my son. The thing is that diapers are going to be worn all day every day for at least 18 months until you decide to start potty training your child. This means you need to ensure that the diapers you choose are going to be physically comfortable to wear but also that they don’t leak,  cause your baby to get a diaper rash or even get a urinary tract infection.

If you are about to become a mom just know that diapers are about to feature very heavily in your life.

Now the problem I was faced with when reviewing these nappies is that I don’t have a child in nappies anymore! I spoke to my daughter’s playschool teacher from last year, Ronelle,  since she has a 15 month old daughter and asked her to please help me with testing the nappies. Of course she was only too willing to give them a go, who doesn’t like free nappies right?

I also gave a few to the teacher of the baby class and asked her if she would send one home for each of the moms in that age group so they could try it out and give me feedback.

The feedback from Ronelle and from the other moms that tried the Predo Baby diapers was so positive. Ronelle and a few other moms wanted to know pricing information and where they could buy the Predo Baby diapers.

Here are a few words Ronelle sent me about the diapers:

My dogtertjie is 15 maande oud en ons het die Predo Nappies probeer en was baie beindruk met die resultate. Sy het glad nie gelek nie en kon deur slaap met die doeke. Baie dankie vir die geleentheid om dit to toets sal dit definitief aanbeveel.

Then I did my own testing of the diapers, not with a baby of course, since I don’t have one.

I poured 200ml of water into one of the diapers and it never leaked out, not even when I turned it upside down.  I pulled the straps on and off a good number of times to check that they still stick well and they do. Remember that if you are potty training your child you will be needing to take diapers on and off to use the potty and you want them to stick when you put them on again.

I also did a lot of pulling and tugging on the diapers to see if I could break the straps and to see if the diaper would break with that 200ml of water in it and it held strong.

Predo Baby Diaper Features

Here are some facts about Predo Baby diapers:

  • Predo Baby is an internationally acclaimed premium diaper brand in over 20o countries.
  • Predo Baby diapers are manufactured at an ISO certified, world class facility in Turkey.
  • To ensure a snug fit the diapers have an elastic bad – perfect for baby to be mobile without any restrictions.
  • It has a textile backsheet (not plastic) which allows airflow and comfort.
  • The fabric is soft and breathable with a cottony feel.
  • The diapers do not sag due to the fast absorbing leak barriers.
  • The diaper’s revolutionary soft dry touch liner absorbs wetness in seconds, ensuring your baby is dry and comfortable.
  • The hypoallergenic baby moisturizing cream protects your baby’s skin, keeping that fresh baby smell all day long.

So What Is My Personal Verdict For Predo Baby Diapers?

I really like these diapers. Predo Baby diapers are very clearly extremely high quality, premium brand nappies. They are comfortable, they don’t leak and they are durable. In fact their durability surprised me, I would go so far as to say that they are the most durable diaper that I have seen to date.

They are priced in the Premium range but just under the current top Premium diaper brands in South Africa.

If you are a premium diaper mommy then I highly recommend that you give these Predo baby diapers a try.

Here are some of the places you can find Predo Baby diapers:

  • Continental Cash and Carry
  • Tiger Cash and Carry
  • Foodzone stores
  • Supersave supermarkets
  • Medicare pharmacies
  • Checkmart Supermarkets
  • Smart Cosmetics
  • Bassas Cash and Carry
  • Baby World
  • Take n pay
  • Greendot Baby

Predo Baby Diapers Giveaway

If you would like to stand in line to win one of two regular packs of Predo Baby diapers please pop a comment below on this blog post and we will announce the winners via blog post on Tuesday 04 July 2017.


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  1. Wow will help alot i would like to win this and try it out sounds like the best nappy saw it before never thought of give it a go…..

  2. Clara Robyn McShane

    I would love to try them for my daughter. I strongly believe that nappies must be quality as we are using them so often for baby’s delicate skin.

  3. Wow, would love to try Predo for new baby. Had problems with Huggies and Pampers with Ethan

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh my word Lizelle – its been a while since I’ve chatted to you! I see Ethan is growing like a weed 🙂 I am surprised that you had problems with both Pampers and Huggies, since they are really good nappies. Just out of interest @vicelize what nappies have you been using?

      • Its been ages…can you believe he is turning 5 this year.
        I used pampers from birth up until they started to break at leg seams during the night -jelly mess. Switch to Huggies to realise its a smaller fit.

      • Lynne Huysamen

        Time flies doesn’t it. I can’t believe my youngest is already 3 years old 🙂 Ethan is looking so gorgeous, but oh what a naughty little face!

      • Naughty face matches his personality.hahahaha.Timesure flies

  4. Very interesting, might buy a pack to try!

  5. I would love to try these nappies. I only hear good things about Predo

  6. barnard.mariska

    Would love to try this brand. Looks really good. I have also never heard of this brand but after googling, i really love what i see. Fingers crossed. ❤

  7. Jordaan Victor

    Sounds promising to the bums.
    I’d appreciated to sample this product!

  8. Sounds good. I would really like to try them on my 17month old daughter please!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. stephanie videira

    Saw them on some post on facebook, would love to give them a try for my 4 month old, currently using Huggies

  10. I woud liketo try them out. I have 2 toddlers and diapers takes a big chunk of my budget. I really need helo

  11. Hmmm. Nog nie hiervan gehoor nie. Sal graag wil probeer. Meskien hou dit heelnag – proof is in the pudding 🙂

    • I’ll be honest here @mamma-madre considering the quality of these nappies I am surprised I hadn’t heard of them before!

  12. Reviews of this diaper sounds great to try out. I want baby to be comfortable and infection free so yes I would like to try Predo diapers for my 13 month old son.

  13. I’m using pampers for both my girls the pants,for my eldest who totally regressed after her little sister was born would love to,try out predo on my youngest as she has such sensitive skin

  14. This new brand sounds real great @lynne i saw your video on YouTube and the fact that you you’re pot training your little one this dipper can last longer eben if you keep on taking it out it can stick again when putting it back on . i love it and would love to start my baby on it.

    • oh wow it does.i need to try this as when i loosen my babys diaper the stiker dont want to stick again and this is boring. I need this PredoBaby in my life

  15. I’d love to give these nappies a try. I’ve tried another brand before and it didn’t go too well so I went back to the usual, which does leave some space to be improved still

  16. I would absolutely love to try out predo diapers as i have struggled to find a nappy that works with my son. He has sensitive skin and i can only use huggies gold thus far and it always leaks at night, so i would love to see what the predo diaper does.

  17. Elize Swanepoel

    I am a huge fan of Predo baby nappies. I’ve never used a nappy quite like this. They are soft, super comfortable, long lasting and leak proof. But the best thing about them for me is they are biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly. I would love to win some of these nappies for my little JD. This brand truly is a premium brand. When I opened my nappies for the first time, I smelled it. Unlike any other nappies, these nappies has a great smell, almost like baby powder. I can rant and rave about them forever. It is great to come across a product that is tried and tested and leaves me all smiling afterwards. ♥ Thanks for a great review. 🙂

  18. Angelique De Bruto

    Wow, it sounds too good to be true. I would love to try Predo nappies with my twins – due in July. With the amount of nappies I am going to use with them I would appreciate a high quality nappy at an affordable price!

    I also used Pampers Premium with my daughter, she is on the Huggies nappy pants now as she is busy with potty training.

    Thanks for the review Lynne!

  19. I’m a Pampers fan used it only with my son before he was potty trained. Now just found out we pregnant with with baby No. 2.. ??? So I would gladly try out this new brand of nappy.

  20. this predo baby diapers sounds awesome i would like to give it a try baby is using huggies gold and its quit nice i would to test try predo baby and if its good i would definately change tp predo.please predo baby let me try this diapers on baby jayde.

  21. Experimenting with various brands, can help you figure out which diaper is the best for your baby. With that in mind, I am most definitely planning on purchasing a pack. My daughter is already on Pull Ups or size 6 nappies, so my nappy-days are almost over, but I would still love to try them as my sister in law is pregnant now and if I like these; I’ll most def purchase a pack or two for her baby shower to introduce her to it.
    Seeing that I heard, in this review, about the quality & strength of Predo, I am exceptionally impressed by the strength of the tabs! Wow…. Due to this and everything else that was said in this review; I’m actually quite excited to try these out!
    Karin vd Watt – Richards Bay

  22. Bongiwe Mbhele

    My son is 9 months and I am having problems with the nappies I am using. Most of the time when he makes number 2, it comes out to his clothing at the back. I would really like to try out the Predo Baby diapers, I have a feeling they are the answer to my problems.

    • OMW @bongiwembhele that happened with my son too! I was using Pampers Premium just like I used with my daughter and it happened every time he pooped. It drove me crazy, it was then recommended to me to swop to Huggies Gold which I did and we never had a problem again.

      These Predo Baby Nappies are excellent and no problems with poop escaping anywhere!

      • Yep Lynne, it was Pampers Active Baby for me and I have also changed to Huggies Gold so far so good. I think because Pampers doesn’t stretch and doesn’t have that extra flap thing like Huggies Gold that’s why the poop escapes. Would love to try the Predo Baby Nappies as well.

  23. I had my son 9 years ago and back then we did not have as many options as we do today.
    Thank you Lynne for showing us that there are more options nowadays, and it does not mean skimping on quality and comfort for our little loved ones.

  24. My daughter won’t be potty training for a while, so I’d be thrilled to win this 🙂 Holding thumbs!

  25. Would love to try these! With my little one having a very sensitive skin, I have been very hesitant to buy a pack. What really appeals to me is that they are biodegradable.

  26. Nice to know about thesr nappies Id love to try them!

  27. I would love to win this. My first baby will be born in October. Super excited!

    • Congrats on your pregnancy @deserise 🙂 My first baby was born on the 29th October – you can be grateful it is a great time of year to give birth. It is just warming up so you don’t have to worry too much about your baby getting sick in the cold and by the time winter comes your baby is stronger and much better able to handle the first winter.

  28. Carolyn Augustus

    The awesome reviews I’ve read about these nappies have made me super curious to try them out.

  29. Jolene van Wyk

    Our little one just turned 2 months old. And more diapers would be awesome! Have read about Predo diapers a lot and would love to try them out!

  30. Salochana Naidoo

    I’ve read only good reviews about Predo Diapers, and would love to try them on our baby boy! ♡

  31. Would be nice to try out some new products

  32. Good Morning Lynne, I am a Pampers user on my 9 month twins, boy and girl, always have, but the review that you gave here, makes me really want to try the Predo Nappies, sounds like they can even be better than Pampers, but would have to try them myself on them. I would really love to have the chance to do so, sounds awesome.

    • Hi @lynettesmith oh my word yes, you have twins! I can’t imagine how you must fly through nappies!

      And yes I would say these nappies stand up to Pampers for sure, I was a Pampers mom 🙂 Good luck for the competition.

      • Oh yes….so many. I had a look at the prices, and the prices is even better than those of Pampers, so yes, I would most definitely like to give Predo a try, and if in my opinion they are better I would rather switch to Predo. Thank you, I have all 4 thumbs crossed to be one of the winners. Have a lovely day

  33. Would love to try these and see how they compare to the other brands!

  34. This review is good!!! Sound like this is the nappy to have…i will like to win to give it a try as we saw it but never gave it a try but sounds like we must give it a try. Thanks for sharing the review with us Lynne. Holding thumbs…

  35. Great review will definately pass this onto the new moms that I know.

  36. I am due in 3 months from now and would love to try these nappies out, as I am not sure which brand I will be sticking to.

  37. Congratulations @Claudia
    It is always so exciting to hear when somebody is pregnant.
    Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy.

    Small piece of advice is to please stay away from Google, during pregnancy Google is not a go to person, that definitely needs to be your doctor only. Recently it is such a craze that if anybody wants to know anything we go first to Google.
    (I can’t help but to give this advice to all mothers to be, Google has not filter and shows everything that may scare mothers without proper reasoning).

    I have been trying for the past few months and hoping for the best.

  38. Our baby boy is due Wednesday and would love to try these nappies because ever since huggies gold went the direction of unisex nappies we had a problem with our daughter and same goes for the pampers. Quality just not the same.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh wow, I didn’t know that Huggies gold went unisex? I guess a lot has changed since my son stopped wearing nappies!

      How exciting that your boy is due tomorrow! Are you having a c-section or natural?

  39. Well i would love to win to try them. I have 3 kids, the last is still in nappies and even the premium ones i buy leak at night. So lets hold thumbs and see if i can win a bag to put to the test.

  40. Where can we buy them online for delivery to Zimbabwe?

    • Hi Adelio – I’m not actually sure where you can purchase them from at this time. I have tried to contact Predo Baby a while back and could not get hold of them!

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