Child Abduction (Social Experiment) – Child Predator

This video is downright scary, showing a child abduction social experiment. I have also told my children never to talk to strangers and never to walk off with anyone but the problem is that children are trusting and when faced with something exciting like a puppy chances are so high that it may not occur to them to check with mom or dad first.

As you can see from this video it happens so fast and you can take your eyes of your children for just a moment and they can be abducted. Every parent should watch this video. This chap Joey has done a number of these types of videos, you should really watch a few of them.

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  1. I’ve seen a few of these experiments before and it always makes my blood run cold. You think you’re teaching them right and you think it’s sinking in but all it takes is a puppy or an offer of free ice cream and all your effort turns out to be for nothing. There’s nothing for it but to basically never take your eyes off them until they get to an age where they are smart enough to know better.

    Really not sure when that age might arrive though – I’m pretty sure my eleven year old son would still wander off in pursuit of a puppy or whatever is on offer.

  2. Things like this also make my blood run cold! As I’m sure it does with any parent. It saddens me deeply that the world we bring our little ones into is so full of fear and evil. I too, have tried to drum this into my 4year old’s little head, but unfortunately in my opinion, our little ones are born to pure. Like we all were. The way it should actually be. They don’t know that not everyone that smiles at you is actually friendly and that not everyone is filled with good intentions. For me, the worst part is that I have to be the person who shatters her view of a wonderful world, I know we have no choice and it MUST be done but it breaks my heart. My little one is now old enough that I need to start teaching her how she needs to react should we ever be in an attempted hijacking. Obviously in such a way that I don’t scar her for life. In today’s day and age being a parent can be tough and heart-aching.

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