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How To Have A Baby Of The Gender Of Your Choice

Planning a family involves many different aspects. This includes the number of kids and for many couples; there is an inclination towards having kids of both genders.  It is all a question of choice. There are instances of many parents repeatedly trying for children of a particular gender. At present, there is hope for such families through advanced IVF techniques. The method has been successfully used on a large number of couples with the desired results. The scientifically proven techniques involve a level of specialization and expertise. Here is useful information about the process of gender selection.

Baby Gender Selection


Specialist Fertility Clinics

Specialist fertility clinics offer baby girl or boy gender selection services popularly known as PGD. Acronym for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, this involves harvesting of the ova/oocytes, followed by injecting each egg individually with sperm. When the embryos are grown to a stage where it is possible to identify the XX and XY chromosomes, they are placed in the uterus.  This is performed by specialist endocrinologists with extensive experience in performing delicate microsurgeries. The specialist IVF technique permits couples to have kids of the desired gender, without any complications and with the highest success rates.

The Need For Selecting A Clinic With High Success Rates

Parents typically choose a clinic by the success rates. It is very important to understand that success rates can be accurately measured, and in most cases, it can also be misleading. It is, therefore, necessary to know how the success rates need to be interpreted in a manner to be of direct relevance to you. IVF treatment is more of a personalized intervention; therefore the results are bound to vary from person to person. Hence success rates can be misleading if all data is not presented properly.


State Of The Art Clinic With All Infrastructures

IVF and PGD are super specialized techniques, and the results hinge on the expertise of the specialist and the equipment used for the procedures. It is therefore of paramount importance that parents on the lookout for a center, choose one that is state of the art, with all the necessary equipment for diagnostic and microsurgical procedures. The reputation of the clinic and the specialist endocrinologists can be gauged by success rates and reviews. There are no shortcuts in this procedure, and expectant parents need to be fully prepared for the whole cycle to commence and conclude.

The cohort of patients who are treated at a center and the success achieved in procedures need to be taken into account.  This is critical and will determine the probable success rates in specific cases. In other words, the success rates achieved among patients of a particular age group, and other diagnostics need to be considered, when you look at probable results. For instance, the success rates achieved in a different cohort will be of lesser relevance to you. Therefore the overall success rates need to be further dissected before you arrive at specific success rates.

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