How To Give Your Bay Windows A Striking Look

Bay windows are largely associated with Victorian houses, but you can also find them in contemporary homes. One beneficial feature of these windows is their outward projection from the main walls of the home, which provides a spacious effect.

Unfortunately, bay windows can give you a hard time when it comes to dressing them. With the following tips, however, you can easily get the best look out of your bay windows.

  1. Hang Curtains At The Bottom Of The Window

If a casual look tickles your fancy, consider hanging pieces of light fabric at the bottom half of your bay windows. This helps to uphold privacy while ensuring that there’s enough sunlight getting into your home.

You should hem the fabric panels and hang them on a malleable net curtain wire. You want to be able to gather the curtains at the side whenever you need more light. The overall result will be a casual yet contemporary look.

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  1. Use The Right Shutters For A Striking Effect

You should choose shutters that match your windows. If you want more light in your space, you should go for large louvers. Likewise, if your bay windows face a busy street, smaller louvers would be a perfect choice.

Nonetheless, Tier-on-Tier shutters are the most preferred option for their versatility. Namely, the top and bottom halves of a tier-on-tier shutter open independently of each other. That means you can open the top half to allow light in and leave the bottom half closed to uphold privacy. These types of shutters offer a stylish finish to bow windows.

  1. Enrich The Views Of The Outside World

Bay windows are designed to enhance the flow of natural light into your home and provide pleasant views of the outside. You can enrich these views without compromising the flow of flight by adding lightweight rollers. Sheer blinds can also do a perfect job.

The rollers or sheer blinds will allow sunlight to filter into your space gently, creating a gratifying ambiance.

  1. Hang Light Muslin Across The Front Of The Bay

If you prefer a simple, fuss-free look, consider hanging a thin wire rail across the front of your bay window. Then, create some privacy using a light muslin. This won’t block out the light.

You can also use this curtain to conceal a workspace or storage area in the bay window space.

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  1. Warm Up Your Space With Fully-Lined Fabrics

The fact that bay windows use a lot of glass, they have the potential of letting out more heat when compared to ordinary windows. So, your space may end up getting cold. To minimize the chances of the space becoming cold, you can use fully-lined curtains and Roman blinds as they can effectively keep as much heat as possible in the room.


Bay windows can be hard to dress, but they don’t have to be. You just need to implement the right ideas, like using the right curtains and choosing the right bay window shutters, and you’ll sure get a striking look from your windows.

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