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Elf On The Shelf, St Bernard Pet & Letters To Santa Review

The last few weeks have been an absolute ball in our home with The Elf on the Shelf® – when I was contacted to do a review I had a very vague idea of what it involved. I knew there was an elf and that it moved around the house but that was about it.

You can find out how it works you can check out my previous post giving an Introduction To The Elf On The Shelf, plus there is a giveaway on that post so hurry and enter before that giveaway comes to an end.

***Disclosure – This is a sponsored post.***

Elf On The Shelf, St Bernard Pet and Letters To Santa Review

I was sent the following products to try out and share my experiences with you:

  • The Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition – includes storybook and an adoptable Scout Elf
  • Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition – includes storybook and adoptable Saint Bernard
  • Letters To Santa – includes storybook and magical shrinking paper set
  • Elf Pet’s Santa’s St. Bernards Save Christmas DVD
  • An Elf’s Story DVD

The first thing we did when we received our delivery was to come up with a name for our Scout Elf and our St Bernard up. My kids chose Zord for our boy elf (there are also girl Scout Elves) and Shine Bright for our St Bernard pup.

Only once your elf has been given a name does he get his magic enabling him to join the family and start making his nightly trips back to Santa to report back.

Story Books and DVD’s

That same day we watched both DVD’s and for bedtime stories we read all three books – yes we love reading and our bedtime stories!

The DVD’s had my kids glued to the TV and sitting still, which does not happen often. They got completely sucked into the stories and afterwards they were talking about it for the rest of the afternoon.

The books are beautifully written with lovely illustrations and the stories are magical and enchanting. I love the way the books rhyme and flow so nicely.

The Elf On The Shelf Products

Zord and Shine Bright Make Their Appearance

I took my kids to school and while they were out Zord and Shine Bright made their way into my kids room and settled on the bookshelf near my son’s bed. I completely forgot about it when I got home with my kids carrying shopping and school bags.

My son went to his room and immediately there was a blood curdling scream, I got the fright of my life and ran to the room. My daughter was ahead of me and she stopped in shock when she got to the door. This was their priceless reaction to Zord and Shine Bright making their appearance. If I had any idea it would be like that I would have had my video camera rolling!


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This afternoon we decorated the Christmas tree. I know it’s early but our Scout Elf (named Zord)came to us early this year and he pulled the tree and decorations out for us to find this morning! The kids are besotted with Zord and the first thing they do every morning is hunt for him. The little guy is in this picture. Can you spot where we found him this morning? @elfontheshelf #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfsa #elfontheshelfideas #christmas #christmasstockings #xmas #christmastree #christmastreedecorations #scoutelf #decoratingthetree #decoratingthechristmastree #festivities #festiveseason #christmasvibes #letthembelittle #letthekids #mommyblogger #blogger #season #countdowntochristmas #kidsactivities #kids #parenting #dailyparenting #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momsofig

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Elf On The Shelf

My children are obsessed with Zord. It is a race every morning to see who can get up first and find their elf and when they do there are screams of excitement.

They loved it when they found Zord had gotten out the Christmas tree and all the decorations for them to set up.

Zord also had some sugary treats for them one morning which impressed them no end since mommy only ever allows them to have sugar after lunch every day – no morning sugar here!

Since the elf is not allowed to be touched the Elf’s Pets are wonderful to have for your kids to cuddle.


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I absolutely love Christmas. It was a magical time for me as a kid and now that I have my own children my love for Christmas has been revitalized. I love the look of excitement on their faces and the way that they talk about Santa. The Elf On The Shelf is an amazing way to spark the imaginations of children and to keep the magic of Christmas alive and well. Visit my website for a detailed introduction to The Elf On The Shelf as well as an awesome giveaway for The Elf on the Shelf®️️️, Scout Elf Express Delivers Letters to Santa®️️️ and Elf Pets®️️️ Saint Bernard – link in bio. @elfontheshelf @toykingdomsouthafrica @hamleys_south_africa @toysrus_za @takealotcom #sponsored #elfontheshelf elfontheshelfsa #ideasforscoutelves #winwithkaboutjie #christmas #christmasmagic #giveaway #win #competition #elfontheshelfideas #elfontheshelf2018 #elfontheshelffun #contest #prizes #giveaways #prize #xmas #xmas2018 #christmas2018 #santa #kidsactivities #playmatters #magic #merryxmas #contestalert #invitationtoplay #letthembelittle #letthembekids #mommyblogger #mummyblogger

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St Bernard Pup

My son has taken over Shine Bright and won’t let anyone touch him without his permission. He drags him with him everywhere he goes much to the disappointment of my daughter.

He sleeps with my son every night and when we go to school Shine Bright is brought with and strapped into his seat belt. When we get to my son’s class room he hands Shine Bright to me and gives me very strict instructions that I am to strap him in for the return trip home and when I get home I can’t leave him in the car. He must be placed next to Zord for the morning and then I must bring him back in the car to fetch my son.

The St Bernard pup is beautiful and so soft. My son can’t stop stroking and cuddling him.


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I feel like a child again! I loved doing The Letters To Santa as much as my kids did. Geez what fun. Here’s how it works – you write your letter to Santa (or draw a picture) on the special paper provided, then you bake it in the oven between 2 pieces of parchment paper that’s provided in the pack and using Mrs Claus’s magic press. When you take it out it has magically shrunk! Thread a ribbon through the hole and tie it, then leave it near your Scout Elf so he can fly it to Santa. After Santa has read it up your Scout Elf will bring it back and hang it on your tree. The kids went wild with excitement ? @elfontheshelf #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelfsa #elf #christmas #letterstosanta #magicofchristmas #christmasmagic #xmas #season #festiveseason #magic #kidsactivities #kids #fun #funforkids #kidsfun #santa #fatherchristmas #lettertosanta #scoutelf #parenting #christmaself #xmaself #christmastradition

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Letters To Santa

I’ve got to admit that I think I was more taken with this than my children were (and they were pretty impressed)! My kids and I had an amazing afternoon after school writing letters to Santa and then baking them to shrink them.

The discussion afterwards of where to leave the letters for Zord to find and take to Santa was priceless. At the time Zord was sitting on the to of our curtain rod with nowhere to leave the letters next to him and of course we can’t touch him so my kids were he wouldn’t find them even though I insisted that Zord was watching and would find them.

We settled on leaving them on the window sill in the kitchen since it is a favourite spot of Zord’s and that is where he left sweets for the kids.

Thankfully Zord found them and took them to Santa. He brought the letters back after Santa read them. We found them hanging on the tree with Zord also perched in the tree for the first time. The happiness and joy on my kids faces when they saw their letters were back was amazing.

Santa's Scout Elf Banner

My Final Verdict For Elf On The Shelf

These products are absolutely amazing. The magic and Christmas spirit that they have brought into our home is incredible. The only regret I have is that I never knew how amazing Elf On The Shelf was a few years back or I would have bought it for sure.

I highly recommend that you get a Scout Elf for your kids, along with an Elf Pet and the Letters To Santa. Your kids will fall in love immediately.

Remember to buy your Elf On The Shelf early and receive a FREE DVD – A St Bernard Story (while stocks last at selected retailers).

The Elf On The Shelf is available at:

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  1. Wow I have used Elf on the shelf for the last two years still had mine imported! Her name is Ella and I have so many ideas but I would love to have.m elf pet this year to make it even more exciting!! Posted some photo’s on facebook! This year I have a youtube clip where she is stuck in the tv!! Cannot wait to see my boys faces!!♥️♥️

    • The elf pet is so amazing @courtneycogle – it gives the kids something to cuddle and adds the additional aspect of your children being able to help create magic and Christmas cheer – I can’t believe how crazy my kids are over all these products!

      I’ve also seen some amazing Elf ideas online and can’t wait to try them out!

  2. I think my elf will be painting their faces in their sleep :p

  3. wow this is beautiful would love to own Elf on the shelf and his clan. just imagine the magic we can create for my little grandchildren add more cheer to Christmas which is my favorite time of the year.

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