How to choose the best baby bath tub

How To Choose The Best Baby Bath Tub

Babies are messy, so you will need to bath them daily. When raising your child, you will be dealing with food splatter and poop smear, and this is why a baby bathtub is important. You should know how to choose the best baby bathtub so that bathing your baby can be a simple process.

There are many choices for you which makes picking the right baby bath tub confusing. Remember choosing the right bath tub gives your baby fun moments and it also helps you interact with your baby. Here are simple things that you should know when buying a bathtub for your baby.

How To Choose The Best Baby Bath Tub

Types Of Bath Tubs

Before you start looking for the best baby bathtub, it is great if you know the all options that are available for you. The following are some types of baby bath tubs that you can choose from:

  • Standard tub -This is an Inexpensive plastic tub available in different sizes. You can get smaller models that are usually placed in the sink for smaller babies. These tubs feature a contoured design that provides infants with the opportunity to sit in an upright position. You can also get some models that are designed with removable mesh to hold the baby in place.
  • Convertible tubs – These are tubs that grow with your baby. They feature an adjustable position that gives room you to use the tub right from newborn stage to infant then toddler.
  • Foldable tubs – The tubs are designed to collapse to fit in small spaces. Ensure that you purchase a sturdy one so that it will not leak.
  • Standing tubs – These are tubs with a style that keeps the baby elevated to your height. You do not necessarily need to bend or stoop when you are bathing your baby.
  • Luxury tubs – These are spa-like tubs that feature bells and whistles, motorized water jets and other amazing features. They are battery operated, heavier and expensive as compared to other types of tubs.
  • Bath seats/rings – They are tubs with a non-slip base that keeps your little one in an upright position during bath time.

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Level Of Water

Before purchasing a bathtub, it is important to determine the amount of water that it can hold. The tub should not deceive you, and it might be big but not hold the amount of water you would love. For larger babies and toddlers, you can get a bath tub with a high water level.

Drain Plug

Is the bath tub easy to drain? Of course, you do not want to lift the bath tub to drain the water after bathing your baby. For easy draining, look for a bathtub with a drain plug which makes removing the water a very simple and quick process.


You should consider the comfort of your baby when you are purchasing a bathtub. Look for a bath tub with curves because they offer more comfort. Tubs that are rounded also make your baby feel secure and make the bathing time enjoyable.


Is the bath tub easy to store after use? You can get some bath tubs that feature a hook, so it will be easy for you to hang it on the wall. Others allow you to attach the suction cup to the inside of the tub and hang it to drain. You can also get folding bathtubs that give you an easy storage especially if space is limited.


Do not look for a bathtub that will give you difficulty when it comes to cleaning. If you choose one with more crevices, it will take you a long time to clean. Get a bathtub that will be easy to clean so that there is no room for the development of mold and mildew.


Size matters greatly when you are buying a bathtub for your baby. A bigger tub gives your baby more room to move around and play. Do not pick a tub that is too small because it can be uncomfortable and give you difficulty when bathing your baby. You can read the weight and size that is indicated by most manufacturers so that you can know the right size bath tub to buy for your baby.

Temperature Gauge

A temperature gauge is important because it will help you know the ideal water temperature to bathe your baby. This will help you to avoid using too hot water to bath the baby. Most bathtubs are equipped with color changing drain plug or a sticker like strips that lets you know if the water is too hot. Other tubs come with a digital temperature gauge. Always ensure that the water temperature is below 120 degrees. You should also make it a habit of testing the water temperature with your wrist or elbow even if you have an indicator.

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Variety Of Materials

Check the material that is used to make the bathtub. Is the material nonslip or not? Bathtubs come in different materials. The most common is plastic and a soft cloth. Plastic bathtubs are easy to find, and they are also affordable. When you are buying one, ensure that it has a padding that is made from filler or fabric that dries quickly.

Final Words

Even if you are a new parent, purchasing the best bathtub for your baby should not be difficult. Once you master all the points that I covered above, then you can be sure to get the right tub. On top of that, also consider the edges. They should not be sharp because they can end up harming your little one. Look for rounded edges to keep your baby safe.

Choose the best bathtub that will make bathing your baby simple and also make bathing less frightening for the babies.

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