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How to Choose a Truly Awesome Bridesmaid Gift

Your bridesmaids play a great role in the success of your wedding day. So, you’ll certainly want to give them something special to commemorate their participation in your ceremony. However, not just anything will do when you’re trying to express your gratitude to such special people.

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These four tips will help you choose truly awesome gifts that your friends will be sincerely delighted to receive and that will make them feel appreciated.

  1. Go For Something Tangible

You may want to treat your bridesmaids to dinner, but that won’t suffice on its own. In fact, the dinner should serve as a great time to present the gifts to your bridesmaids.

A good bridesmaid gift should not only be something that the recipient can hold in her hands and admire, but it should be practical as well. That means a gift certificate is out of the equation.

Some great bridesmaid gift ideas include something to wear, a piece of jewelry, or a monogrammed cosmetic bag filled with little goodies.

  1. Consider the Recipient’s Personality and Style

You should realize that your bridesmaids will certainly have different tastes and preferences. That means it’s not a good idea to present your bridesmaids with the same type of gift. So, be sure to keep the personality and style of each bridesmaid in mind when shopping for gifts.

One of your bridesmaids could be ultra-feminine and would be elated to get a monogrammed pink cashmere wrap for a gift. However, such a gift may not be received positively by your outdoorsy bridesmaid because it doesn’t suit her taste.

An easy way to overcome this hurdle is by choosing a general category of gifts for your bridesmaids and then shopping for unique items within that category depending on each bridesmaid’s taste.

  1. Stay Within Your Budget

When shopping for bridesmaids gifts, you can be carried away and exceed your budget. You’ve got a life after the wedding, and you don’t want to start with a negative account balance. So, be sure to keep within your means when choosing gifts.


  1. Uphold Fairness

You should not favor any of your bridesmaids when it comes to buying the gifts. You may give them the gifts at different times, but they will most probably compare their presents with each other. It would be hurtful for one bridesmaid to discover that the other ladies received much more valuable gifts.

The only person you can give a gift of different value is the maid of honor. It is common practice to treat the maid of honor with an extraordinary present for her pivotal role in your wedding.


Every bride understands the essential role bridesmaids play at her wedding. She knows she wouldn’t make it through her big day without the love and support of these special people. In return, it’s great to present them a nice gift as a token of appreciation. In choosing that gift, you should consider each lady’s personality and style, among other factors outlined above.

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