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How To Design A Small Office At Your Own Home

Being a mum and an entrepreneur at the same isn’t easy. It’s definitely not easy to juggle the demands of motherhood while running a business from your home. Well, it’s possible, sure – but it’s not a simple job by any means. 

If you really are an ambitious woman and want to become an entrepreneur, you will need a proper office space. You simply can’t work while sitting on your couch and listening to the tantrums of your child. It’s a must to have a proper work environment.

Here’s how you can do it by designing a perfect small office space at your own home. So, without any further ado, let’s begin. 

Home Office Design

Chapter – 1: Sowing The ‘Idea’ Seed

Everything, literally, everything in the world begins with an idea, no matter how bleak it is. It’s almost like having a base on which you can build your empire. 

So, before you do anything, the first thing that you need to do is come up with a bleak idea of what you want. If you have a ‘creative block’ I’ll suggest you check out Comoda’s office fitouts projects. They might seem commercial, but you’ll understand what you have to do for your home office design.

Chapter – 2: Finding The Right Spot

So, you have an idea on what you’re supposed to do, right? Well, now, let’s start turning it into a reality. And the first step to it is finding the right spot for your office.

Here’s what you need to keep an eye on while you’re at it – 

  • Quietness: Choose a location away from noisy areas like the kitchen or living room. At the end of the day, you’ll want a peaceful space to concentrate and take calls without interruptions. So it’s important to seek something as such accordingly.
  • Natural Light: Whenever possible, opt for a spot with ample natural light. It not only boosts productivity but also enhances your mood. Also, the more natural light you’re getting, the lower the amount of dust will be in your house.
  • Separation: If you have a spare room, great! If not, don’t worry. You can carve out a corner in your bedroom, living room, or even a closet with a bit of creativity.
  • Proximity To Essentials: Ensure your office is close to necessary facilities like a bathroom, kitchen, and storage spaces.

Working from home office

Chapter – 3: The Ergonomic Essentials

Now that you’ve found your workspace, let’s make it comfortable and ergonomic. As a mompreneur, you’ll be spending a lot of time here, so investing in your comfort is key.

  1. A Good Chair: Your chair should provide support for your back, promote good posture, and be adjustable to suit your height.
  2. A Well-Sized Desk: Choose a desk that fits your space and has enough surface area for your work tasks. Make sure it’s at the right height for your chair.
  3. Monitor Setup: If you use a computer, ensure your monitor is at eye level to reduce strain on your neck. You may consider a monitor stand or an adjustable arm.
  4. Keyboard And Mouse: Ergonomic keyboards and mice can make a significant difference in comfort during long work hours.
  5. Lighting: Invest in task lighting that reduces glare on your screen and provides ample illumination for your workspace.

Chapter 4: Declutter And Organise

A cluttered workspace can lead to a cluttered mind. Let’s tackle that clutter:

  • Storage Solutions: Shelves, cabinets, and storage bins are your best friends. Use them to keep your office tidy and organised.
  • Cable Management: Invest in cable organisers or clips to keep those pesky cords under control. A clutter-free desk looks cleaner and helps you concentrate better.
  • Minimalism: Embrace minimalism when decorating your office. Fewer distractions can help boost your productivity.
  • Personal Touch: Add a touch of your personality with family photos or inspirational quotes. It’s your space, after all!

Chapter 5: Choosing The Right Equipment

Your choice of equipment can significantly impact your productivity. Here are some essentials to consider:

  • Computer or Laptop: Ensure it meets your business needs, whether that’s for graphic design, content creation, or managing your online store.
  • High-speed Internet: A stable and fast internet connection is non-negotiable for any online business.
  • Printer/Scanner: Depending on your business, having a reliable printer and scanner can be a game-changer.
  • Office Supplies: Stock up on pens, paper, notepads, and other essentials to avoid interruptions during work hours.

Organised at work

Chapter 6: Design And Décor

Now, let’s make your home office a place you enjoy being in:

  • Colour Scheme: Choose calming and motivating colours like soft blues, greens, or warm neutrals. They can set the right mood for productivity.
  • Art and Décor: Hang some inspiring artwork or motivational quotes to keep you motivated.
  • Plants: Adding some indoor plants not only enhances the aesthetics but also improves air quality and reduces stress.
  • Curtains or Blinds: Control the amount of light coming into your workspace with curtains or blinds.

Chapter 7: Personalising Your Space

Your home office should be a reflection of you and your business. Here’s how to add your personal touch:

  • Vision Board: Create a vision board that showcases your business goals and aspirations. It can serve as a daily reminder of your purpose.
  • Inspiring Quotes: Display quotes or mantras that resonate with you. They can be a source of motivation during tough times.
  • Family Touch: If you’re a mompreneur, integrating your family into your workspace can be motivating. You can have a small family photo gallery or even a corner dedicated to your kids’ art.
  • Inspirational Books: Make sure to keep a shelf of your favourite business and personal development books within reach.

Chapter 8: Stay Organised And Inspired

Now that your home office is set up, it’s essential to maintain the vibe:

  • Daily Routine: Establish a daily routine to help you stay on track. Set specific work hours and stick to them as closely as possible.
  • To-Do Lists: Create daily or weekly to-do lists to keep your tasks organised and prioritise your work.
  • Breaks: Don’t forget to take short breaks. Stretch, walk around, and recharge. It’s important for your physical and mental health.
  • Networking: Stay connected with other mompreneurs for support, advice, and inspiration. Online communities and local networking groups are some of the most excellent places to start.

Chapter 9: Flexibility And Adaptability

Lastly, remember that your home office should be adaptable to your evolving needs. As your business grows, your workspace might need adjustments too. Don’t be afraid to make changes to accommodate your expanding mompreneur journey.

The Bottom Line

Designing a small yet effective home office as a mompreneur is an exciting opportunity to create a space that reflects your personality, promotes productivity, and supports all of your entrepreneurial dreams. So, make sure to work on it from today onwards.

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