Behind The Scenes August 2023 – Plus Giveaway

August 2023 was a busy month with lots of family activities, planning a holiday, sick kids, and struggling to get over the loss of my closest friend. There were lots of highs and lows, so a very mixed bundle of emotions in August.

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August 2023 Monthly Update

August 2023

It Takes Time To Grieve

Losing my closest friend and soul sister in July, as well as a close friend losing her husband, was such a huge knock. I struggled to function for the whole of July and into August. There were many moments that the most basic tasks were impossible to do.

It has became easier, but I’m still having moments of intense grief that hit me out of nowhere.

Sick Kids And Medical Problems

This has not been our year when it comes to health. My daughter has been sick all of August, she went to the doctor at the beginning of August and went on a course of antibiotics but continued to cough, and then started getting sick all over again. We went back to the doctor and she has been diagnosed with seasonal asthma, just like my son was last year.

My son also had some medical issues in August and we are waiting for an appointment at a specialist to resolve the issue.

My Daughter Has Become My TikTok Manager

TikTok is a huge thing when it comes to blogging and being an influencer. The problem is that I don’t enjoy video editing. I am not good at it, it takes me ages, and the end result is quite frankly not good.  My 11 year old daughter took a look at my TikTok and just said “Oh no mom”. And I agreed with her 100%.

So now my daughter is taking over creating my videos and choosing my videos and I am so happy! We are starting off slowly but she is doing an epic job!


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Nature Hikes And Picnics

Now that the weather has been warming up we have been itching to get outdoors. We visited Rocherpan Nature Reserve, just past Dwarskersbos, for the first time for a walk and picnic. I had no idea there was a nature reserve so close to us but I found it when Googling places to walk in the West Coast. It is beautiful with loads of birdlife and flowers. There is a picnic area and braai places, so we will head back sometime to have a braai.

The following weekend we went to Jacobs Bay for a walk and picnic with two other families. I loved seeing all the kids racing along the path after being stuck indoors this winter with so much rain.


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Getting My Menstrual Bleeding Under Control

I’ve been struggling with menstrual bleeding since the end of 2o17 and geez has it been unpleasant. I tried a few things to sort it out including the pill and Mirena IUD. The pill barely made any difference and the Mirena made no difference for the first year. I had almost non-stop incredibly heavy bleeding. The second year I had constant bleeding, but there was an improvement in that it was very light. I felt like I was slowly leaking to death.

At the beginning of this year I started researching perimenopausal heavy bleeding and solutions. I came across Agnus Castus as a natural solution so I started taking it. With a few weeks I noticed a difference – I had a day or two here and there where I didn’t bleed. The days of not bleeding slowly increased and after a few months I was hardly bleeding at all. It has taken 7 months but I am now spot lightly every month or two. What a relief! I wrote a review on the Agnus Castus supplements I’ve been taking. Click here to buy them.


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French Apple Tart Recipe

It’s been a long time since I baked anything, so I decided to try out a French Apple Tart and it was delicious and looks so pretty! I published the recipe on my blog, so check it out.

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  1. Informative and interesting as always.

  2. I hear you when it comes to grief. we lost 2 immediate family members very suddenly and a month apart this year, in March and April and still now my husband and I are struggling to surface. since COVID it’s really felt like we are being constantly battered by waves and can’t seem to stay afloat long enough to breathe, it’s just gulps of air when you can. the grief this year has definitely been intense.

    • I’m so sorry for your losses Tracey, I’m sure it has been a rollercoaster for you. I agree with you, this year has been intense. I completely relate, it feels like things have been rough since the start of covid. Every new year I keep thinking that a new year will bring better things but it’s been hard every year. I hope things get easier for you and your family.

  3. Chantel Van Aswegen

    I absolutely adore September…. SPRING is amazing, it’s not only a breath of fresh air, it’s also my birthday Month lol.

  4. It sounds like you’ve had an awful time with your periods, that is so unpleasant, I also had some difficulties a year or two back. I had no energy and felt horrible. I’m going to check out that Agnus Castus for sure. I’m sorry for your loss and hope it gets easier for you. Enjoy your trip to Kruger!

  5. Just started engaging in your blog. The content is so informative to us mom’s and our kids. Absolutely loving it.

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