How to keep kids healthy

7 Simple Tips: How To Keep Kids Healthy

One thing all parents will agree upon as their number one goal is to keep their kids healthy. All parents worry about their kids when they notice that they are not feeling well. Many parents do their best to ensure that their kids are well cared for, and take certain precautions in order to reduce the probability of having them contract infections or illnesses. There are certain simple tips which could prove to make a big difference in keeping your kids healthy.

You may wish to go over them for their best, and for your serenity.

  1. Regular hand washing – it is really vital to instill in your child the importance of washing their hands often. Many respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses are avoided when one washes his or her hands. It is important to explain when and how to wash their hands. Some kids may simply place their hands under running water and that’s it. Scrubbing with soap and ideally a hand sanitizer, for at least 15 seconds is of the essence to get rid of germs and bacteria.
  2. Keep your hands away from your face – most cold and flu germs enter the body through the mouth and nose. So it is important to encourage your child to avoid touching his or her face for nothing.
  3. Never share cups, straws or any other item that is used near or in the mouth or nose.
  4. Proper sleeping patterns – it is important to have your kids stick to a regular bedtime, and to get enough hours of sleep. You may not be aware that sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons behind catching a cold.
  5. Exercising – exercising on a regular basis is as important for adults as it is for kids. Regular exercise can reduce the emergence of cold and flu by boosting infection-fighting cells in the body.
  6. A healthy diet – encouraging your kids to consume healthy foods is very important, not only for a proper weight and for their development, but also to reduce the incidence of illnesses. Boost your child’s immune system by including plenty of vegetables and fruits in his or her diet. Yogurt with active cultures is often suggested to build their defenses, and lots of vitamins C and D derived from broccoli, oranges, tuna and cereals, among others, are recommended.
  7. Kids’ vitamins – if your child is not consuming certain foods that nourish him/her with the recommended vitamins and nutrients, it is a good idea to encourage them to take vitamins for kids. Such vitamins will include the right amounts and types of vitamins and minerals for your child, and some will focus on those that are hard to get from food sources.

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  1. its really 7 simple tips…i try now already keeping my boys hands clean as they touch everything and i keep his walking ring clean as he eat chippies and drink and mess then touch the dogs and so its important but ill have to get vitamins for my little boy and the rest will follow as he gets older.

  2. I try hard to keep my son hands clean expecially when he wants to eat anything or comes from toilet he knows that he has to wash his hands with saop

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