Christmas 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids in 2017

Are you holly, jolly and ready for the holidays? If you’ve got some little ones on your list, you might be wondering what to get them for Christmas this year. Fortunately, you don’t have to stress too hard. We’ve made a fantastic list of Christmas gift ideas for kids in 2017 so you can find the right presents to light up their little faces when they unwrap their gifts beside the Christmas tree! 

Christmas gift ideas for kids in 2017

  1. Lego Sets

There are so many Lego sets out there that the possibilities are endless. You can get your child into Star Wars or give them a Disney Princess Lego set. And there are tons more themes to choose from too. Or you can just get them the basics and let them build straight from their imaginations. Lego also has a Technics set that brings to life cars, robots, and other creations your child makes from any other set. Lego sets are wonderful for giving a world of possibility to your children.

Lego for kids

  1. Train Sets

Plastic or wooden, train sets make for another fun way to get your child building creativity. Plus, they are made in a wide variety of styles and for different age groups. For preschool-aged kids, these are great for developing fine motor skills. And for bigger kids, there is more exploration to be had. And for any age, yelling “Chugga chugga choo choo!” is the best fun of all!

  1. Board Games

Board games are especially fun when you have more than one child. They can play together and you can have family game nights every week. There are so many board games to choose from too. They may all have different objectives for winning, but they all make it loads of fun. Plus, the next time it rains or snows and the kids are bored inside the house, they’ll be happy to keep busy with a board game.

Toddler on Scooter

  1. Scooters

Get your kids to play outside again instead of staring vacantly at those blue screens. Scooters will do just that and make it fun too. They make scooters for little ones and of course, they have more advanced options for bigger kids. Don’t forget the safety equipment though like helmets and knee and elbow pads!

  1. Outdoor Playhouses

Looking for something big to surprise your kids with? An outdoor playhouse makes an amazing Christmas gift. You don’t even need to use it outdoors if you have enough space indoors, but the kids won’t care where you put it. There are so many amazing models that have fun play kitchens inside of them and other fun extras that you’ll probably have a hard time ever getting your kids to come out of it again.

Kids play house

  1. Play Doh Sets

Kids love to squish and smash Play Doh. And while that’s perfectly fine, they have many Play Doh sets that help your kids make something fun out of the Play Doh. There are ice cream shops and barber shops and all sorts of fun things. These will definitely keep your kids busy while helping them with sensory development.

Play doh

  1. Crayola Paint Sets

Crayola has long been a leader in coloring kids’ worlds. With their unique technology, your kids can paint and color all over special paper and should they go a little too wild or spill, nothing colors your rugs, furniture, or their clothing. It’s absolute genius, allowing you to go hide in the closest with your pilfered Christmas cookies and spiked eggnog while they work on their masterpieces.


  1. Cooking Sets

Do you have a budding chef or baker in the house? There are plenty of toys that will thrill them! There’s the Easy Bake Oven for baking fun and there are also chocolate pens and other cooking sets that your kids will love to get in the kitchen with.

  1. Stuffed Animals

Every child loves a cuddly stuffed animal. Start a tradition where you buy your child a new stuffed animal every Christmas and they will have an adorable army of furry friends with them when they get bigger. Stuffed animals are very sentimental to children plus they’re so soft and plush that they can’t resist. It’s a winning gift for sure!

Stuffed animals

  1. Musical Gifts

For kids that love music, perhaps a musical toy or instrument is in order. For little ones, there are electronic drum sets that light up and play fun songs, singing guitars, and other fun musical instrument toys. For bigger kids, you can get them real instruments, but you should make sure they’re really into learning how to play it. Nothing is more frustrating to children than to be forced into a hobby they don’t like.

  1. Robot Dog

Are you tired of the kids asking you again and again to let them have a dog? Well, now you can relent. A robot dog is a great surprise for Christmas. Your kids can train the robot dog and it will keep them entertained and obey too. Best of all, there’s no mess or worrying about feeding or walking him.

  1. Dollhouses

Ok, so this one is for the girls, but a proper dollhouse will be well-received by any little lady. It can’t hurt if you throw in some new dolls to play with in the new dollhouse. They make all different kinds so you can go for something simple or something more extravagant. Plus, they make them for different age groups too so there’s something for every girl that loves dolls.

  1. Race Car Tracks

And now something for the boys. A race car track, like Hot Wheels for example, provides plenty of fun. There’s the setting up of the track and then of course, the race. Kids love racing their cars on the tracks. And with all the available accessories, it’s not hard to expand on it over the years and have even more fun!

Kid playing with tablet

  1. Technology

One last gift that works for just about any age group is technology. A tablet or new computer is a smart gift that keeps on giving. As long as you set it up with proper parental controls, you can get a lot of use out of them because they have learning apps and also offer ways to stay entertained.

What will you buy your kid for Christmas 2017?

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