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Six Tips to Plan Your Toddler’s Wardrobe

Toddlers are as adorable as they are frustrating and one of the biggest frustrations that toddler parents experience is dealing with the wardrobe. They are growing fast and it seems as though your favourite outfit only saw a few weeks of wear before suddenly the legs are too short and the sleeves too tight. That’s without even thinking about how often the trip, slip, and spill, completely ruining just about every item of clothing that does still fit.

Luckily, you can take advantage of the incredible Holiday deals at MandM Direct and grab yourself bargains by using the available discount codes on kids clothing. What else can you do to plan your toddler’s wardrobe?

Six tips to plan your toddlers wardrobe

  1. Organise Current Clothing

Before you go shopping, first you must organise what clothing you already have. Then organise the remaining clothing into categories. That means splitting it into shirts, trousers, dresses, etc before then assessing what it is that doesn’t fit or work for you anymore, you can weed those items of clothing out and donate it to a charity shop (or to a family you know). You can then split the clothing into two categories, what will be used now and what can be used in future. As nice as patterns are, solid clothing is far easier to mix and match, so bear that in mind.

Summer clothes can still feature during winter as a way of layering up, as emergency outfits, or just around the house. So, don’t be too quick to get rid of t-shirts and vests. Keep your wardrobe organised as you go forward, too.

  1.  Determine Your Needs

Now that you know what you have to carry-over, you can really figure out what you need to buy. You know that toddlers hate being restricted, so bear that in mind as you shop. You’ll need to assess whether you need jackets, t-shirts, vests, bodysuits, sweaters, trousers, shoes, socks, leggings, shirts, dresses, rompers, etc. You can use this knowledge to create an ultimate list of what you need to fill the gaps in your toddler’s wardrobe.

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  1. Make Smart Purchases

The key to shopping for trousers is to make neutral choices because then you can easily put together a variety of different outfits using just one pair of trousers. You probably won’t need more than six pairs or so, just be sure they are easy to wash and maintain, that they’re sturdy, and neutral colours. You’d do well to buy a size larger than necessary, that way they’ll last longer.

With shirts, you can buy to a colour scheme (pastels, blues, greys, and even stripes, etc). Don’t buy trendy items, choose shirts that are easy to wash and will go with anything. You will probably need more shirts than trousers, as spills tend to occur in the upper half.

Speciality items may include occasion wear (weddings, church services, parties, etc), but your toddler will likely only need one of those. Other speciality items include swimwear, snow-suits, raincoats, and other items that may not be worn regularly, but are still necessary.

As tempting as it will be too indulge in flashy fashion pieces like bow ties and fancy dresses, they only get worn once and then are never seen again. So, stick to one occasion wear outfit and get as much use out of it as possible. Your focus should be on buying practical items of clothing that are easy to mix and match and can be worn frequently and for any occasion. Don’t forget to take note of the sizes, so you buy correctly.

  1. Invest In Quality

While you don’t want to go overboard in your spends as there are certain items which you should invest in purchasing quality. For instance, sweaters, coats, and other outwear items are naturally more expensive and you want them to last longer. So, don’t be afraid to spend more on items like this. You probably only have one good winter coat, and your toddler should be the same.

Laundry schedule

  1. Laundry Schedule

The only way to succeed in making your toddler’s clothing last as long as it should and to keep your wardrobe items to a minimum, you will need to keep a strict laundry schedule. Be sure to read the labels and follow the washing instructions – it won’t take you long to get into a rhythm of what washes well with what. Additionally, you should always take the time to fold and store the clothing properly. Not only will this avoid clutter, it reduces the risk of wrinkling, and means you always know where each item of clothing is.

  1. Shop With A List

If you want your toddler to have a wardrobe that is as cute as it is functional, then you should never tackle shopping without a list. So, when you have that wardrobe organised make sure you create a list of needs and update it regularly as you make purchases or note down new needs. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending money on clothing you don’t need and creating extra laundry and clutter for yourself.

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