Reasons you should buy a scooter for your kid

Reasons You Should Buy a Scooter for Your Kid

It is the 21st century, and kids do minimal to almost no physical exercise at all. You can’t take your child to the gym, and also you can’t let them walk to school. When they are home, they drown their selves in their video games all day. This is a lifestyle that has led to our kids contracting the various illness that can be avoided.

There are various types of scooters that range from electric scooters to kick scooters. Best scooter for kids provides your kids with a perfect outdoor play that also encourages physical exercise.

Reasons You Should Buy A Scooter For Your Kid

Here are some of the reasons you should buy a scooter for your kid:

      I.          It promotes physical activity

Scooters are a fun form of play that engages your body. Your child can boost their metabolism and burn calories due to the muscle movement that involves riding a scooter. Physical activity also boosts your child cognitive development.

    II.          Encourages independence

Scooting can help your child develop fine and gross motor skills which are vital aspects of your child’s independence. Unlike cycling, scooting requires your child to take charge which allows them to do something for their selves. Scooting is faster than walking which makes convenient for your child to move around the neighborhood rather than depending on you to drive them around.

  III.          Improve skills

Scooting helps improve your child’s coordination because they need to kick and control the scooter at the same time. They learn how to balance on the scooter, and also they learn how to focus while riding their scooter. So a simple scooter ride involves various motor coordination, visual concentration, and at the same time listening. It also improves your child’s decision-making skills because they have to decide while riding which path is best for their course.

  IV.          Boosts your kid’s confidence

Riding a scooter requires a set of skills that gives your child a sense of accomplishment when they can gain them. Learning how to ride a scooter is a process that they will fall get up and fall again. To master it they try several times without giving up. That is what life is about, they will try some things and fail, but that is not the end. Your child will be eager to tackle other challenges in their lives comfortably because they believe in themselves.

     V.          Improves your child’s interaction skills

This is a problem that many parents who their kids are glued to the computer face. Buying your kid a scooter will encourage them to get out of the house and play in the neighborhood. They can mingle and play with other kids who also have scooters. They learn to share with those who do not have which is a trait that will help them throughout their lives.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Scooters like any other awesome toys in the market do not miss its set of drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages associated with scooters:

  • There are limited to flat areas: It is hard to ride a scooter on a graveled path or steep place. The effort required is too much the kid might prefer to walk. Sloppy paths are dangerous for kids when riding a scooter.
  • Limitation on weight: Kid’s scooters are manufactured to fit the needs of the certain age. Although the handlebar of most kid’s scooters are adjustable and they can serve your kid as they grow they have a weight limitation. It will require you to buy another scooter once your child has exceeded the weight recommendation.
  • The brake technology: The brakes technology of a scooter is an easy phenomenon when it comes to adults, but when it comes to the kids it is quite a challenge. The child has to exert pressure on the back wheel to stop the scooter, and this can be a problem for many kids especially those below 3 years old.

Apart from those few drawbacks scooters are an excellent toy for kids.

Scooter Safety Tips

It is an intrinsic nature of parents always to protect their kids. This is the reason why safety is very important on all the gadgets that we get for our kids. Here are few safety tips for your child when using a scooter:

Never get on the scooter without a helmet

This is one of the most important rules you have to set for your kids to ensure their safety. Head injuries can be fatal to the well-being of your child. You can buy colorful helmets to make it fun for your kid to wear it.

Knees and elbow pads

They say prevention is better than cure. When your child is learning how to use the scooter, the likelihood of falling is high, and the parts that hit the ground first are the elbows, knees, and hands. So it would be wise to get your child this pads to prevent injury so that your child may enjoy their experience with the scooter.

Encourage your kids to wear shoes

While scooting ensure that your kids have sturdy shoes to protect their feet from cuts, bruises, and anything on the ground that may pose harm.

Regular inspection

It is important that you check the scooter before your child rides it. Inspect if the breaks are fully functional, if the wheels are in good condition, and if the handle bar is stable to prevent any accidents that may occur due to a faulty scooter.

Make your kids visible

Bright colored clothes are excellent choice to make your child noticeable to motorists and people walking on the sidewalk. Visibility reduces the chance of your kids bumping into people or even motorists. It is also good to supervise your child throughout when they are still learning how to ride a scooter. Always encourage them to use the sidewalks when they are scooting to avoid any incidences with the motorists.

Scooters provide life lessons that your child can use throughout life such as patience and persistence. The health benefits of riding a scooter give parents enough reasons to buy their kids a scooter. Teach your kids roads safety and also ensure they are safe before they leave the house with their scooters.

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  1. Good exercise for the kids

  2. It makes our children happy and they always stay healthy and its a good exercise for them what i like most they always have the energy to play ?

    • Yes @aasiya but where oh where do they get all that energy from? I wish I had just a fraction of that energy! Imagine what I could get done in a day?

      Yes @vhutshiloali1 I totally agree with you, it is great exercise! I am going to be getting one for my little boy soon. He is three years old and my hubby and I have been discussing getting one for him. I know he will love it.

  3. Reatlegile Leeuw

    it makes our kids very active, its a great exercise

    • It is @thabilele I remember the day we bought it for our son he was very happy and healthy ride it all day long

  4. man this brings back memories of our scooters we had as kids loved them and skateboards LOL ill be getting my boy all those nice ride on scooters and skateboards he will love it and enjoy it bonus is no riding inside so he will spend time outside riding on his scooter once mommh made sure his protected safe and have all hos gear on LOL

  5. @lisaanderson my son is always active ,he have that energy i dont know where he get from and sometimes i thought i gave him so much candy but no there is nothing like that his just active by himself??

    • @aasiya i bet most kids have so much energy my turn is coming still as my boy is only 8 months now so he will be crawling then walk soon…and from birth he was so active legs and arms never stopped kicking and touching LOL

  6. Because of this article I bought a Fascol scooter for my child?

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