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Fun Indoor Activities for Kids This Holiday and Winter Season

Are you having a tough time keeping your kids occupied over the holidays and winter season in the US? If so, you’re not alone.

Due to the colder weather, being able to play outside may not be such a great idea. This can lead to kids becoming incredibly restless while being indoors for most of the holidays. However, you can easily alleviate their boredom and give them some super fun activities to enjoy over the holidays.

Let’s take a look at what some of these awesome activities are below!

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids This Holiday and Winter Season

Winter Version of 21 Questions

The regular games of 21 questions can be a fun indoor activity, but since the weather’s colder, it can be fun changing it up to a more wintery theme. This version involves coming up with topics that are related to winter.

Pick one person to come up with a winter-themed topic which everyone else has to ask yes or no questions in order to try and guess what it is. The rule of the game is that they have a limit of 21 questions, so they better think carefully!

Indoor Snowball Fight

If it’s a little too cold outside, or the snow that was once there has melted, you can create your very own snowball fight indoors. All you need is some paper and a safe space in the house for kids to run around and play.

You can split the kids up into teams and have them compete in a snowball version of dodgeball. Alternatively, you could set up cushions and blankets for each team to set up their own mini forts to launch pretend snowballs from.

Winter Dress Up Race

A winter dress up race is an incredibly fun indoor activity that the entire family can get involved in. It involves mom and dad standing still in one spot with a bunch of winter clothes around them on the floor. This could include scarves, hats, coats, boots, gloves, and more.

Start by splitting your kids up into teams and having them stood further away from you at the same distance. Mom goes on one team and dad goes on the other. You do a countdown and each team has to run up to their parent teammate and dress them in one item of clothing.

They then have to run back to their team and tag them so that they can go and do the same. Each team competes, and the winner is whoever is able to put all the items of clothing on the parent first.

Make Winter-Themed Snacks

When kids are cooped up indoors, one of their favorite things to do is cook and bake with their parents. Over the holiday and winter season, making Christmas-themed goods is a fantastic idea that will have your kids buzzing.

There are so many recipes and ideas available online. You could search together and find recipes for fun goods, such as snowmen gingerbread men. Children have a lot of fun with the whole process of finding the recipes and then executing them in the kitchen. It also makes for some excellent family bonding time.

Build a Small Winter House

Arts and crafts projects are a ton of fun and keep kids entertained for hours over the winter season while indoors. They usually only require some basic supplies which you most likely have laying around the house already.

To create a small winter house, grab a large box of some kind (most likely cardboard), some glue, paint, scissors, and decorations. You and your child can work together on cutting out the various holes for the windows and doors. It may also be a good idea to find an extra piece of cardboard that you can cut out in the shape of a roof to glue on top of the house.

Once you’ve cut out the windows and doors, you can let your child get creative with how they design it. If you have any leftover cardboard, you could also create a chimney.

Bingo With a Twist

A snowman version of bingo is a fun indoor activity that kids will have a blast with over the holidays. You’ll need either some chart paper or bingo cards that are clear, a ruler, pencil, and pens. Next up, write out a range of words that are related to snowmen, such as carrots, eyes, scarf, mittens, a hat, and so on.

If you’re using chart paper, cut them into squares with a grid of 5×5 which have the various words in them. The number of cards you’ll have to make or hand out will vary depending on how many children are playing.

Once everything is set up and each child has their Bingo card, you can begin calling out words at random. We recommend that you write down each item on separate pieces of paper and pick them out of a hat to make it easier to call them out and not miss anything.

The person who manages to have all of their words called out first is the winner.

Indoor Winter Picnic

One of the fun activities that kids love to do during the summer is picnics. However, during the closer winter months, that doesn’t sound so appealing. There is a way to give your children that same excitement from picnics – with an indoor version.

Grab some blankets, a picnic basket, and clear out space in the living room for picnic time. In addition to the food, it could also be a great idea to throw some board games into the mix as well. This makes for a fun recreation of a standard picnic that your children will have a blast with.


You no longer have to worry about keeping your children entertained over the winter holiday seasons. The second you sense some agitation from being indoors and bored, pull out any one of the activities mentioned above.

You can also use the activities above as inspiration for you and your kids to come up with your own fun games. The possibilities are endless!

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