Foods that Help You Sleep

Sleep is definitely important to the body. However, it’s pretty unfortunate that a lot of people have issues with initiating and maintaining a steady sleep regimen. Whether due to busy schedules or a lot of worries (I mean, the world we live in is one that can get you depressed in the blink of an eye), a lot can get in the way of your ability to nod off easy and take a trip to dreamland.

Luckily, there are actually dietary means you can employ to ensure that your sleep deprivation is rectified.

To wit, here are a few foods that will help you sleep well:

Food That Help You SleepTart Cherry Juice

Tart cherries are very high in the composition of melatonin; a chemical that is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle and promoting the quality of sleep. According to the European Journal of Nutrition, the right amount of melatonin will help you to fall asleep in better time and also have a more restorative and refreshing sleep session.

Also, it was discovered by a study at a Louisiana State University that drinking 8oz of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice every day will help to increase the duration of sleep by 90 minutes, especially in adults that struggle with insomnia.


Bananas have a high content of Potassium and Magnesium, and these provide a refreshing feel to your muscles after every workout. Also, these compounds (particularly Magnesium) can help aid natural and refreshing sleep.

Also, research has revealed that the banana peel actually has three times the amount of Magnesium as the fruit itself. This means that you might not want to discard that part of the fruit just yet.

Oatmeal with strawberries


The consumption of a warm bowl of oatmeal has the ability to soothe you and induce sleep. Whole grains (such as oats) have a high content of Tryptophan; an Amino acid. According to the Whole Grains Council, Tryptophan is used by your body to help synthesize serotonin (also known by many as the “feel good hormone”) and melatonin (the sleep hormone).

When you eat oatmeal, you’ll notice an improvement in your mood, and both your brain and body will relax. You can also use this snack to develop and maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Fish Rich in Omega 3

Another source of food where you can find a high content of Tryptophan is fish like tuna, cod and halibut. Also, some crustaceans (like shrimp) are known to have high Omega 3 content as well.

What’s more? You can also get a rich content of Omega 3 fatty acids and Magnesium from salmon, mackerel ad other fat-based fish.

However, with foods like these, it is essential that you take great care and be sure of what you eat. Some of them are not processed sustainably, and they can be very dangerous to your health.

Sliced pineapple


In truth, there aren’t many sources where you can get the health benefits of pineapples. Most people just praise them for their rich sugar content. However, according to a study organized by and published on the Journal of Pineal Research, pineapples are able to raise the level of serum melatonin in your body and boost the melatonin’s antioxidant capacities.


Cereal serves as the go-to meal for people every morning. However, it can also be effective as a pre-bedtime snack. According to the National Sleep Foundation, carbs provide more Tryptophan to the brain. This is why meals heavy in carb content tend to make you feel sleepy.

To wit, make sure to put some milk over your cereal. Also, whole grain is much more preferable to sugary marshmallow puff. The National Sleep Foundation has stated that the best snacks for bedtime must have a lot of protein as well. This is because protein is one of the most essential building blocks of Tryptophan. Examples of proper bedtime snacks are cheese and crackers, and peanut butter on toast.

Walnuts in Shells


Walnuts have a natural rich composition of Tryptophan. Also, walnuts are able to contain their own source of melatonin. According to research published in the Nutrition Journal, they are able to help you sleep even faster. This is because they increase the concentration of melatonin in your blood.


You can speed up your bedtime by eating a salad with lettuce before bedtime. Lettuce contains Lactucarium; a substance that has sedative properties. It also affects the brain in the same manner as Opium.


Foods such as corn ships and pretzels are rich in their glycemic index. Their consumption will provide a spike in the insulin and blood sugar levels in your body. What you can expect is a shorter time before dozing off.

However, you might want steady levels of these so as to avoid insulin resistance and mood swings. However, if you are looking to get some much needed rest, you’ll need an increase in blood sugar and insulin in order to help enhance the entrance of Tryptophan in your brain, thereby bringing you to a rest level that will induce sleep.

Chamomile tea with chamomile flowers

Chamomile tea

This tea is almost basically a form of a sedative. According to research carried out by the American Chemical Society, it is able to raise glycine. Glycine is a chemical that causes your muscles and nerves to relax. This relaxation will induce sleep and also improve quality and effectiveness of your sleep session.

Remember that if you are to maintain a healthy and balanced life, it is essential that you get the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation is an issue that a lot of people face today, and the hope of this article is to bring you in contact with foods that will help you to solve this issue in a cost effective manner. I believe that wit these, you will be able to help improve your sleep, and your heath will definitely be all the better for it.

Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment box and if you’ve found this article particularly helpful, don’t forget to share it.

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  1. Patricia von Meyer

    I usually sleep 4 to 5 hours a night. Waking up inbetween. I feel tired and drained the day after. I used to take sleeping pills to help me sleep but it had side effects. Thank you for the tips👍

  2. I am definitely going to try the Chamomile tea i feel better knowing i have most of these items in my kitchen. Thank you 😊

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